Charlie 190 Recruit Journal Week 05



Charlie 190 Recruit Journal

Formed: July 15, 2014

Graduates: September 05, 2014



And so we have another week down and just 03 to go. The weeks are moving faster now and this one was no exception. Though the week got off to a rough start with our pitiful inspection by our Section Commander and missing time objectives among other things, we turned it around. We get to stand Sexton Hall watch this week which is somewhat of a senior company privilege and after a few days of messing up watch logs and paying for it we seemed to figure it out finally. As the week progressed we got more rites of passage, like coffee in the galley and moving into Healy Hall where the senior companies live. As soon as we moved in we were given another inspection by our section commander and it went much better. The week may have still ended up with a few shipmates joining or leaving the company but that is all part of the evolution of Charlie-190. We are finally becoming more mature and learning from our mistakes. This week ended well for us as we got our orders and now have something more to work toward then just regaining the freedoms of leaving boot camp. With our orders in mind hopefully Charlie Company will carry the momentum we gained at the end of the week 05 into week 06 and ultimately keep it up until graduation.


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