Charlie 190 Recruit Journal – Week 06



Charlie 190 Recruit Journal

Formed: July 15, 2014

Graduates: September 05, 2014


Week 06 was probably the most memorable for Charlie-190 thus far, we officially made the transition to being a senior company. The start to this transition came early in the week when we received our dress uniforms and got to try them on for the first time. Seeing ourselves wearing the same uniforms our company commanders do after important events really gave us a sense of pride. To add to our military pride, we received our military ID cards and that was a huge step towards becoming functional members of the fleet. With getting the formalities out of the way we had to take care of some less official business like pugil sticks. Naturally after 06 weeks we were ready to beat up on each other to get some frustration out and somehow beating each other up brought us together as a unit, more than anything. Pugil sticks were great, but there was one more thing that Chief McKenna had in mind to bring us together. After the pugil sticks we were finally presented our company colors. That is one of those unforgettable moments when you can finally see that’s our company commanders really are proud of what we are becoming. However, what we have done so far is only a fraction of what is expected of us so we went on a history tour of the regiment with Petty Officer Castle and saw the stories of Coast Guard heroes. Now we know the type of Coasties we are aspiring to be. To the end of the week we had lunch with the Senior Enlisted Association, which included Master and Senior Chiefs throughout the fleet. Then finally got our first day of on-base liberty we were allowed to go to the exchange and restaurant and of course have our phones for the day. Just about everyone in the company was glued to their phones talking to loved ones and friends all day. It is such a great feeling to finally catch up with the people who have inspired and supported us throughout our lives as well as our time here in Cape May. Today as well as the entire week was a refreshing taste of what the benefits of getting squared away as a company can be. We are looking forward to an equally successful week 07.



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