Charlie 190 Recruit Journal – Week 07





Charlie 190 Recruit Journal

Formed: July 15, 2014

Graduates: September 05, 2014


Week 07 was another big one for Charlie-190. Among other things this week, we became the senior company on the regiment. Finally our flag is flying high over the parade field and it is our turn to graduate. Along with becoming the senior company, we closed the book on many of the tasks we had to complete before graduation. We ran the Munro Mile against Bravo Company and beat them comfortably earning us a special Battalion Commander pennant from our Battalion Commander. That was a big deal but our pennants did not stop there. We also received the Seamanship, Blood Drive, and Close Order Drill/Manual of Arms pennants. Out of all of them the close order drill/manual of arms pennant is probably the one that we are most excited about. We trained hard with our Company Commanders for it and came together to execute. We could see the pride in the faces of our Company Commanders upon winning the pennant. Winning our pennants has done a lot for Charlie-190’s morale. It has proved that we deserve to be the senior company on the regiment. Of course, part of being the senior company is looking the part so we have been showing off our new “High and Tight” haircuts and tropical blue uniforms. Our biggest opportunity to do this was on Saturday’s off-base liberty where we were allowed to go into the civilian world alone for the first time in 07 weeks. Charlie Company has really come together and we are more than ready to knock out any obstacles in our last week of training.

Charlie 190 Graduation Program

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