Golf 190 Recruit Journal Week 05

International Maritime Signal Flag Golf

Golf 190 Recruit Journal

Formed: August 12, 2014

Graduates: October 03, 2014


This was week 05 for golf-190. This week had its ups and downs. But golf 190 is beginning to work as one. Monday was inspection day. Let’s just say everyone was really worried and nervous. We got to meet Senior Chief Ashley and chief cane. Monday night was good at first then it went downhill. After chow e got to help Master Chief Berry with a project. This reminded some of us feel like we were at home. After that we got to do an awesome bike work out with Petty Officer Oakland. Monday night went downhill when a shipmate decided to be in the squad bay not in uniform. Tuesday Golf-190 got fitted for our dress blues. Wednesday we got to attempt to get our seamanship pendant for our flag. we also got to see who could put on a lifejacket the fastest. That night petty officer Endicott made the main muster squad bay and the female squad bay switch. This was very interesting. Thursday we learned how not to fall into debt. we aslo had class time in the learning resource center. When we got on t the computer everyone wanted to check their email but we were instructed not to open our email which made us suspicious. We then realized that our orders were in our email. Golf-190 had a huge move on Friday. We moved from Munroe hall to Healy hall which now means we are a senior company. When we got to Healy hall we realized how much smaller the squad bays are. Today was also the day that we got our orders. Exciting! We got to line up and ring a bell when we got our orders. Some people are better at ringing the bell then most others. Saturday started off not so good, someone wouldn’t fess up to a mistake so we all had to pay. We got to meet with our mentors today which was nice. The best part of the day though was the confidence course! it was so much fun and it really showed how strong and tough golf-190 really is. Only 2 females made ti to the top of the rope. This week really made us realize how fast and motivated we really need to be. Golf-190 is learning what if takes to be real coastguardsman. Golf-190 needs to be the fastest and the loudest company.

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