India 190 Recruit Journal Week 03

International Maritime Signal Flag

India 190 Recruit Journal

Formed: August 26, 2014

Graduates: October 17, 2014



Week 03 was in many ways bitter sweet. The scale could probably tip on the side of bitter, however. As in all things new in life… We experience growing pains and this week was stacked high with them. We had remedial session after remedial session (punishment) for mistakes that should have been tightened up by now. Shipmates continuing to be lazy in workouts, or not sounding off loud enough, or not keeping their eyes locked forward in military bearing (We call it eyes in the Boat). These things that seem so easy so small so simple, things that frustrate you to no end when someone eases up for one second and gets caught, and we all get annihilated for it.

This week was also an eye opener because our company commanders all opened up to us at some point in the week. If even for less than a minute, to explain why this attention to detail; is not an option. Chief Arseneaux imploring that we will keep our eyes locked forward because when we go on watch for our first assignment we need to keep our “eyes on the boat” for a man overboard. This is life and death that we have chosen to be a part of and we need to start conducting ourselves as such.

Or how Petty Officer Karpf had us walk to lunch with our hands in our pocket, kicking rocks in uniform with all the senior officers laughing at us. Why? Because we were marching earlier in an embarrassing manner. He showed us what true “SHAME” felt like. Through all of this, however, shipmates are starting to realize that this needs to stop. That it is time to take pride in everything we do. In every step we take.

From every morning’s FIRE FIRE FIRE workouts; to every information crammed seamanship course we take by the bay of Cape May; to every exhausting swim session we have taken at TRACEN’s pool, we have to put all we have into it. Because in a little more than seven weeks time someone’s life could be in our hands. And that is not something to take lightly.

I will conclude with some words that are starting to sink in for INDIA 190 courtesy of their Company Commanders. As our leader Senior Chief Elliott would exclaim, “Stand up straight and have some pride!” or Chief Arseneaux implores, “It’s time to Dig Frigging Deep!” or Petty Officer Karpf , “I don’t care if a damn Pterodactyl comes flying down and swoops you into the sky… You are not moving!!!”

And on that note…

Lines of The Week

That’s the stupidest dumbest question I have ever heard… and I’m not answering it! Chief Arseneaux to a shipmate. Waste of Breath

Good lord man, did you smuggle in a cat?- Petty Officer Karpf to a shipmate with large amount of lint on his uniform.

The last thing I need is a blessing from a disgusting echo-one! Senior Chief Elliot after a shipemate blessed his sneeze. Don’t do that.


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