Foxtrot 190 Recruit Journal Week 07


Foxtrot 190 Recruit Journal

Formed: August 5, 2014

Graduates: September 26, 2014

Subject: Week 07 summary FOXTROT-190
“Week seven feels like heaven”



This week our orders were official signed, the males the official senior company hair cut, the infamous “High and Tight”, we passed our close order drill and manual of arms tests with a 9 out of 10 and our company flag is at the top of the mast signifying that we are the senior company on the regiment! Best feeling in the world!

Saturday we were given off-base liberty. We all went to the movies, restaurants and Petty Officer Russell’s “Man Cave” Starbucks. Although it was “liberty”, we still had to behave in a disciplined manner. Foxtrot-190 did well. We were all back on line on base, back in time. We ended off the night sitting in a group while speaking to one of our Company Commanders- Chief Reid. It was kind of weird. For the first time Chief Reid spoke to us like human beings. We were allowed to ask questions about her job as a Company Commander and about recruit training. We also talked about what we should expect in the fleet. Just to be spoken to by our Company Commanders and not yelled at was rewarding enough.

For some of us training has been the hardest thing we ever had to do in our lives. For some it was a mirror, showing them who they really are and what they are made of. Either way, we were all broken to our lowest point and pushed to our fullest potential as a team. We learned what it means to be a shipmate! We learned Honor, Respect, Devotion to Duty.

It makes you laugh when you look back and see how the tables turned. In the beginning of training we hated and were terrified of our Company Commanders. But now we all talk about how we appreciate them. As training progressed we realized that these people truly care about their profession and that they truly care about us. They take years out of their life to consistently train others to carry on the legacy. It all makes sense now! Time used to move slowly in the beginning, and now it’s double-timing.

Most of us finally learned how to be a team, and others are better than they were. The process to becoming a Coast Guardsman is bitter in the beginning, but sweet and rewarding towards the end. Next week is our last week. “Week eight we graduate!” The moment we’ve all been working and waiting for.

Coast Guard Recruit Company Foxtrot 190 Graduation Program


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