Golf 190 Recruit Journal Week 06

International Maritime Signal Flag Golf

Golf 190 Recruit Journal

Formed: August 12, 2014

Graduates: October 03, 2014

Golf 190 week 06 summary


This week was week 06 for Golf-190. We are realizing as the weeks go on that we are getting a lot more responsibility. Our Company Commanders are treating us more like adults.

Monday was the start of week 06. No that Golf-190 is being treated like adults we don’t have to square our meals anymore. We still don’t have the privilege of getting dessert or coffee but we are working on getting the desserts and other privileges.

We are also starting to see the real side of our Company Commanders. We have had some times where our company commanders are smiling.

Tuesday we learned about fire fighting basics. Fire fighting seems like an interesting job. We all got to put on a mask and suffocate ourselves. Well technically no suffocate ourselves but that is was it felt like when we had the mask on and not the air. In addition to learning fire fighting we also got to talk with our yeoman and we had to figure out how we were getting to our next units.

Wednesday night was awesome but weird for Golf-190. We started off the night as a normal night. We were all happily asleep in our beds. Than all of a sudden our Company Commanders stormed in and woke everyone up and told us to get dressed, get outside, and bring our pen lights. Once we were formed up, Chief Hickman marched us to the beach. Once there we did incentive training and received our colors. While standing on the beach, Chief Hickman said this was our new home.

Golf-190 has come to the conclusion that Petty Officer Oakland is a ninja. One second he is nowhere and the next he is right beside us.

Thursday was a fun day for G-190. Some shipmates got to do more fire fighting with a real fire. Others got to go get our military identification cards. We also got to use pugil sticks which were really fun. Let’s just say some people got to let our some of their anger. We also go to go on a run with Petty Officer Endicott and Senior Chief Ashley. The highlight of the run is when senior chief Ashley asked a shipmate if he liked Britney spears. When the shipmate replied no, Senior Chief Ashley yelled that he loves Britney spears.

Friday was the first day that golf got administrative time which really helped people get things squared away. We also ran the Monroe mile which we as a company I thought did very well. Saturday has been the best day so far for golf-190. We had a couple inspections, which were just to make sure we did not look like slobs. We also got on base liberty today. Everyone went to the exchange and then the Harborview (Enlisted Club). It was so weird to be able to have our phones back for the night. But it was a great way to tend the week


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