India 190 Recruit Journal Week 04

International Maritime Signal Flag

India 190 Recruit Journal

Formed: August 26, 2014

Graduates: October 17, 2014


India-190 week 04 Summary


While week 04 blew by for India-190, there were certain moments that are bound to stick with its company members for some time. The week was crammed with courses on our pieces, close order drill with our rifles, piece nomenclature, going to the firing range for the first time and learning about weapon safety. The company also had the chance to take our individual pictures. To get all dressed up in uniform with your shipmates, brings an instant sense of pride and shows you first hand that you are representing more than yourself and more than your family name. Now you are representing this great organization that has been souls from the depths of every waterway in our nation for the past 200 years. We are no longer in the business of serving food, pumping gas, or bagging groceries. We will be so much more than that now. There was also the intense stress and pressure of our mid term exam and our first rack check with a uniform inspection. This further drove home for the company that we must not relax in anything that we do. Everything that is done, must be done with the intent of perfection. This was just a taste of the pressure coming for the second half of our basic training.

The moment that will stick with all of us however, was our first run together as a company on Friday night. As the sun set on a long day, Chief Arseneaux ran us through the base while giving us our first cadences…. “India….India…Looking Good…..Ought to be in Hollywood” As we chanted back and forth throughout the run, our aches and pains didn’t bother us. Our backs were straighter, our chins were up and we were running together, step by step. There was a unique electricity buzzing through us during and after the run. We all felt the same way. That while this whole time we have wanted to make ourselves and our families proud, we also want to make our Company Commanders proud. For all the hours and how hard and far they push us, we want to represent them as the best company on the base!! We are not there yet, but as we come together bit by bit, piece by piece, step by step, and drill by drill…. We will get there.


Lines of the Week


“Trainwreck!!! You are a Trainwreck man!!!” ~ Chief Arseneaux to a recruit who was very disheveled.


“I’m ninety two pounds of terror man, don’t get me started!” ~ Petty Officer Karpf to a recruit who pushed a button he shouldn’t have

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