Hotel 190 Recruit Journal Week 07


Hotel 190 Recruit Journal

Formed: August 19, 2014

Graduates: October 10, 2014


Hotel company’s last full week of recruit training was busy with important classes and events including line handling classes, first ais and CPR, our Manual of Arms and close order drill test, pugil sticks, haircuts and our final exam. One of the best things about this past week was our Company Commanders debriefs. Starting Thursday night each of our CC’s would take time to tell us their experiences in the Coast Guard and then field questions about the fleet. We have all come to the realization that we like our Company Commanders. Bake in week 01 Master Chief Berry told us that we would go through a transformation of viewing our CC’s as not human and then later on as human but for many weeks it really did not seem like that would ever happen. But a lot has changed since those first few days. Members of the company now talk about getting off the bus and how it would not be stressful for us at this point. We’ve changed. Our marching reflects that, our cadence reflects that and as we head into our last few days we realize just how far we have come from civilian to sailor, the end is end sight.

Coast Guard Recruit Company Hotel 190 Graduation Program

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