India 190 Recruit Journal Week 07

International Maritime Signal Flag

India 190 Recruit Journal

Formed: August 26, 2014

Graduates: October 17, 2014


Week 07 Summary


Week 07 was a little bit like drinking black coffee for the first time. (I suppose I could have used other drinks as examples, but this seemed the most appropriate). While it gets the job done, sometimes the process can be a little bitter and leave a bad taste in your mouth. India-190 got everything accomplished that we needed to however, some of the results of those completions were not as smooth as we would have liked. The positives were that we received a green streamer for our colors which we earned as a result of the entire company averaging 92% on our Seamanship final and a red streamer which is a result of having over 90% of the company participate in the blood drive. Another great accomplishment was that everyone passed the final exam which I know felt like the weight of three Company Commanders standing on our shoulders was lifted. We got the job done……. effectively. The bitterness and bad taste comes from our poor execution on our Manual of Arms (piece movements and knowledge) and Close Order Drill (marching movements) tests. While we passed, it was by the bare minimum and only for our creativity and not by our execution.

This week was also full of some very interesting class match ups. Let’s say for example, you get back from afternoon chow to go to a two hour course on sexually transmitted diseases and contraception followed by a one hour course on how we can use government vehicles. Wait…. What?! Yes, you did just read that correctly, continue reading, there is no need to go back over the text. On the bright side it did lead to some interesting questions and responses as I’m sure you can imagine. We felt the rush of adrenaline with a splash of nervousness when we officially signed our orders. We realized just how poorly our heads were shaped after we got our high and tight haircuts and all decided that it was fair to just place the blame on our parents. It seemed like a fair conclusion to come to.

Parents, friends, and loved ones of India-190, we have one week left and will see some of you when that day arrives. But for right now, the company CANNOT get ahead of ourselves. Training is not over. We still need to keep our military bearing and be locked onto this moment and not one that hasn’t come to fruition yet. That just might be the hardest one yet. Especially after spending close to 12 hours going to restaurants, movies, coffee shops, and zoos on our off base liberty. I’m sure we got to speak to some of you as well! While all of these things are keeping us in the present, it is a very surreal feeling knowing that for most of us, we will not be here a week from today. Can’t wait to see all of you!

Coast Guard Recruit Company India 190 Graduation Program

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