Mike 190 Recruit Journal Week 04

International Maritime Signal Flag Mike

Mike 190 Recruit Journal

Formed: September 23, 2014

Graduates: November 14, 2014



Week 04 Summary


Mike-190 is closing out week 04 strong. It’s hard to believe how far we have come over the past week, but as a company we’re finally starting to get it. We’re making time objectives, being given more responsibilities by our company commanders and learning to rely on each other to get things done. Our training is starting to get more hands on. As a company, we took our second physical fitness test … IN THE RAIN! And filled out our dream sheets!

Firearms safety and marksmanship was very exciting. Class introduction consisted of basic firearm safety, field stripping of the standard issue pistol, qualifications, and a firing simulator that gave us an idea of what to expect and a few tips on how to keep a steady hand.

Seamanship consisted of basic terminology, helmsman commands, and a simulator, where we were tested on commands and executions on steering a boat. Knots are pretty basic, but there is practical terminology that goes along with it and every once in a while one of us is lucky enough to be in the hot seat and get quizzed on it on the spot in the galley.

We finished the week out with a mid-term, fresh buzz cuts for the males, and exciting manual of arms training, where we learn ways to properly present, hold, and move our piece in formation based on a variety of commands.

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