November 190 Recruit Journal Week 06

International Maritime Signal Flag November

November 190 Recruit Journal

Formed: October 07, 2014

Graduates: November 26, 2014




Ø6 week recap!!!

Once again, the week flew by like nothing. If you were to ask me what happened two days ago, I couldn’t tell you. Kind of weird sitting here thinking about how much work we’ve all put in, but it’s humbling. We just can’t fill hearts and minds with complacency.

That’s the key, we need to continue on and do the things we already know. This was a huge storm we’ve all been through and it’s not over yet!!

This week we got our colors!!! We are the most senior company on this regiment. We are the fastest, loudest, and coolest company to ever step foot into Cape May, NJ. We are November-19Ø and we ain’t scared to show it.

Looking back at this experience so far, it’s crazy to think about how far we’ve come. I can tell that our company commanders have been waiting forever to start signing cadence with us. That’s probably the coolest thing we do. When we sing in cadence, we get L.O.U.D!!!! And when I say loud, I mean really, really, loud. The louder we get, the better it is. Our lead company commander said he wants three things, “Be Loud, Be fast, and meet Time Objectives”. This week we’ve done that, I think. I don’t really know for sure, I forgot.

Belay my last on what I said earlier about not knowing what happened two days ago. Two days ago was the most Magical Day of the week. Two days ago was the day that November-19Ø received their Colors! We lined up along the beach in formation. We then about faced, in view was our Colors of white and blue. It was a memorable time we’ll ever have as a company. I mean beside graduation, that moment was probably the most special and rewarding moment we’ve had so far. I have a really good felling this company will stick together until the very end. As long as we continue with the teamwork and effort we’ve been showing, November-19Ø shouldn’t have a problem.

Coming up is Week Ø7; it’s time to start preparing for our first unit. It’s time to start preparing to be a Coastie. It’s time to start showing our company commanders that they can trust us to take a step into the fleet. And it’s time to give thanks to them by working as hard as we have been for the next 1 ½ weeks.



Definition: The feeling of settlement on where you’re currently at; to settle or lack effort to strive for more.




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