Oscar 190 Recruit Journal Week 04

International Maritime Signal Flag Oscar

Oscar 190 Recruit Journal

Formed: October 21, 2014

Graduates: December 12, 2014


We did some cool stuff this week; we played video games, marched ourselves, played dress up, and learned a lot. The “video games” the coast guard uses when training E-1’s is the best technology around, just kidding. The firearms simulator only needed to be rest every hour on a good day. The helm simulator, which teaches us to drive a boat, has indicators that are a little screwy. As far as us playing dress up, we were fitted for our dress uniforms quickly while we had our pictures taken. Some have seen or know how bad it is to let a 05 year old dress you and we learned that too. When it came time for the flash to go off, bowties grew wings, hats dove to the floor and cameras broke. We learned about the importance of fitness and required knowledge this week. We took our Physical Fitness Assessment and overall mostly everyone passed. We also took our midterm this week and everyone passed even though a few had to take it twice. Overall we did well. This is shocking because we run on about 04-06 hours of sleep and some of us are turning into Zombies. As the missions get harder, the stress builds and feelings are hurt, we think of those at home and how we can’t wait to see them again but we’re pushing on. Only 03 weeks to go.

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