November 190 Recruit Journal Week 07

International Maritime Signal Flag November

November 190 Recruit Journal

Formed: October 07, 2014

Graduates: November 26, 2014


Week Ø 7

It was a good day as we broke in our low quarters. We put some miles walking around town. We all looked like we were part of a parade, but we were still squaring our corners in Kmart and squaring our sushi and donuts with COFFEE! Enough said! However, as excited as we were to be off base it was cold. Our fingers were like little icicles with that wild chill slapping us in the face. Without even noticing, we walked everywhere in formation and almost set-up road guards a couple of times.

It felt amazing being away from base and seeing the beautiful town of Cape May, NJ. It was nice to chat with family and friends, as well as connect with shipmates by actually getting to know them non-boot camp style. For instance, I have literally not talked to one of my shipmates, but today I got the chance to talk some Cornhusker Football with him. See, things like this make me happy in a way. It is things like these little conversations that bring people together more. I am happy that we got to know each other better, and excited that we will be graduating on Wednesday of this coming week. Happy Thanksgiving from November-19Ø!

Coast Guard Recruit Company November 190 Graduation Program


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