Oscar 190 Recruit Journal Week 05

International Maritime Signal Flag Oscar

Oscar 190 Recruit Journal

Formed: October 21, 2014

Graduates: December 12, 2014


Week 05, we can only describe it as fast pace, life or death. When Petty Officer Tilton described search and rescue week and said move fast like there are burning babies, it wasn’t a lie. We had many people leave our company this week. We had to be fast , we had a limited time to stow all of our gear from James Hall to Healy Hall, make our racks, take muster, stow our gear, and be outside formed up to take off for morning chow. The company will leave with or without you. It wasn’t all life or death though. Some very exciting things happened. We got our orders, made a phone call home to tell our loved ones about it and to get travel arrangements made. We all competed for the Da Vinci crew by drawing these works or aft that either rendered Petty Officer Dupre 300 lbs, as a Chief, or just plain weird looking. The best artists were picked and now they get the special task of painting pillow cases, and other art works. Everyone is excited to see it. I’m sure we will have the same reaction to the art work as the reaction we got on the other line when we called home. Everyone is excited about their orders, but also very nervous. Especially the younger ones, but that is why we were able to talk to our sponsor, Master Chief Harrison to get advice from him. All in all week 05 has flown by, exactly what everyone said it would.

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