Romeo 190 Recruit Journal Week 03

International Maritime Signal Flag Romeo


Romeo 190 Recruit Journal

Formed: December 2, 2014

Graduates: January 23, 2015
Romeo- 190         / Historian Log


Three weeks down, five to go! Week three had its ups and downs, mostly downs. Hours of sweat and a lot of performance trackers. We worked up a mental sweat as well. Hours of classes ranging from Coast Guard history to the five basic knots. Romeo-190 is showing signs of motivation like after the session with our mentor and our circuit training class. At the same time, we are dragging ourselves down. Not sounding off, mistakes we made forming weekend and not making time objectives. Week four is right around the bend. Reversion is not a myth anymore. It’s a real thing and it’s going to keep us on our toes and walk a straight line. As the time progresses, we are learning more and more about our futures as Coast Guardsman, which is a great motivation. It makes getting screamed at much more worth it. We need to remember we are getting paid with great benefits. And thankfully, this week we had classes about our benefits and how to conduct ourselves as military members. We all need to remember that these eight weeks is pivotal in building the foundation of our careers. Coast Guard isn’t all boot camp, which brings me to our next big class, Roles and Missions. Hearing about all the things the Coast Guard does, from duck scrubbing to chasing drug lords is a huge motivation. In order to do these fun things, we must start with the basics, which really began this week: Seamanship. It has been nice learning necessities that will help us in the Fleet.


We’ve all seen the YouTube clip, It’s just eight weeks well there should’ve been an asterisk next to it. For some it’ll take nine, ten, eleven weeks. Romeo-190 has received a few members from Quebec in the last two weeks. Yes they make fine members and give us pointers on how to operate as a team. They also remind us that there is that possibility…. We have our required knowledge packet every chance we get; and try to stay out of the Company Commanders radar. Saturday the 20th was our rucksack inspection. A select few did not stick to the guidelines about certain items in the rucksack. A few records of counseling and a possible reversion got the rest of Romeo-190 serious and we don’t want be that next person to make that walk of shame to Sierra Company. Expect Romeo-190 to start shaping up during week 04. With the mythical reversions becoming a reality, we will start succeeding. No one wants reversion. Walking into a white tornado (the Company Commanders version of snow, baby powder all over the place) isn’t fun either. We will turn a corner this week. We will trim off the fat and succeed. Hopefully, tonight’s white tornado is the last in our forecast.



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