Whiskey 190 Recruit Journal Week 07/08

International Maritime Signal Flag Whiskey


Whiskey 190 Recruit Journal

Formed: February 3, 2015

Graduates: March 27, 2015

Week 08 Summary

With the end goal fast approaching, it only makes sense that we are pushed to our limits in the initial days of Week 08. Our Company Commanders know this, other permanent staff knows this, even the galley staff are aware of it. Whiskey-190 has finally reached the mountaintop, only for the company to have no idea of what to expect next. Since the week has yet to end as of the writing of this summary, only the days of Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday will be addressed.

The Sunday of Week 07 is the unofficial start of Week 08, as it follows Off Base Liberty and is therefore pushed out of Week 07 simply because of Saturday’s general hype buildup. It was a break from a break, so to speak, as well a brief calm spot before the utter craziness of the following days. Divine hours of this particular Sunday were blessed with an unusual occurrence; free time. As in, there was nothing left for us to fix. No uniforms needed ironing, no racks prepped, no need for letters since graduation was five days away. No, this was a truly free Sunday, complete with people trying to figure out what to do with themselves. Maybe we should’ve studied, but we weren’t aware of the surprise in store for us later in the week. Later that evening, we observed Bravo-191 gathering in front of the galley. Chief Simcox told us if we took anything away from Cape May, remember where we came from, because seven weeks ago, we were right where Bravo-191 is right now.

With the peaceful bliss of the weekend now a distant memory, Whiskey-190 was confronted with the very real reality that just because Week 08 is underway, doesn’t mean we can take it easy. Oh no, they were more than happy to show us just how hard we need to work to get to Friday. It started before dawn, with a workout that pushed us to our limits. The SA Flores Challenge has a graduating company go through rigorous physical activities in order to see who is the most fit and is worthy of an award for themselves and a possible pennant for the company. First the bike rides, whose record was 1500 calories burned and 1000 calories needed to pass. Then it was the push-ups, sit-ups, and pull-ups, each with their own record to break. The final two tests were a 100 meter swim and a 02 mile run. Both were as rough as they sounded. As the Challenge goes throughout the day (and possibly the week), there were other activities that tested out limits. Our Watch Quarter Station Bill drill was also today, with Sexton Hall turned into a cutter turned raging inferno. The idea was to simulate a fire onboard a large and work together in an increasingly bad situation. In the end, we seemed to get the idea of what to do in the real world. We also simulated an abandon ship scenario at the pool, complete with Mustangs and life rafts. By evening chow we thought we were in the clear. Nope.

At this point, Monday and Tuesday began to blend together, as Master Chief Berry had a task and a plan for us. The original intent was to keep Whiskey-190 up all night through other means, however the Munro Mile still required work, so instead Whiskey-190 returned to our landscaping roots and worked on the track well into the night. To 0200 to be exact, followed by a 0400 wakeup. Yes, much of Tuesday was spent fighting the battle against sleeping not just in class, but everywhere; the morning gym workout, morning chow, 03 straight hours of class, and everything in between. It was only after our classes did Chief Simcox grace with his most benevolent gift to date; a nap. This might have been anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour for all we knew because it seemed we were immediately woken up to “Fire! Fire! Fire!” It was one way to wake us up that’s for sure. From that point on, the day began to wind down, as the final preparations were about to begin. Tuesday seemed to be another day of rest (sort of) before the final stretch of the week. Since tomorrow is Wednesday, the middle of Week 08, it seems our time at Cape May is coming to an end.



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