Charlie 191 Recruit Journal Week 07


Charlie 191 Recruit Journal

Formed: March 31, 2015

Graduates: May 22, 2015

Week 07 Summary


The day CHARLIE-191 arrived in front of Sexton Hall, never would we imagine the company we would become. It’s unbelievable looking back and just realizing the transformation we have undergone. We went from not being able to complete a 08 word sentence when speaking to Petty Officer Dupre, Chief Grube, or Petty Officer McCall, from getting sweat squeezed out of us like squeezing water out of a swab, not being loud enough, not being fast enough; having our guidon wrapped up and put inside a trash bag upside down and then being march around the Regiment like that, to now. Now, where CHARLIE-191 holds their colors with 07 award pennants and we march around calling cadence at an ear smashing noise level. “Let them know, let them know, let the Regiment know, from the East to the West, Might CHARLIE is the best!” Our company flag is being flown from the Regimental flag pole for all to see, All of those tough times and challenges made their way back around like a boomerang inflicting its last dose of purpose, growth. The growth into a Coastguardsmen, In us we will carry on our Company Commanders teachings, the will of our predecessors in which they gave their life to make what the Coast Guard what it is today, a selfless service dedicated to people. We are ready to serve our Country and we leave behind an example for the rest of the following companies to follow for ages on this Regiment. CHARLIE-191 is Semper Paratus!


Coast Guard Recruit Company Charlie 191 Graduation Program

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