Hotel 191 Recruit Journal Week 02



Hotel 191 Recruit Journal

Formed: May 5, 2015

Graduates: June 26, 2015


Treated like crap. You are never right. The best reward you will get for doing something the way they want is silence. You only get silence about three times. First, Doing everything 100% right (still won’t be quiet). Second, at night after sleep time you’d better shut your mouth, the walls have ears. The third is just miscellaneous scattered throughout the day.


We all work as a team or try to now. We have to, it’s not an option. If we don’t, we fail. If we fail, we feel pain, simple as that. We’ve become more organized now, We are required to be, but it’s becoming natural now. We’re on edge most of the time and we’re handling being wrong, better. It’s not as tense as it was, or at least it seems that way. We have a lot to learn still. Some here left our group. From what we’ve seen, none by quitting. And one has joined us from a 02 week reversion. We need to focus on all the small details but we can see that we’re learning very fast. It is not easy. It is not fun. But we try to enjoy everything as much as we can. Not the easiest task and the slightest thing out of place or wrong; means serious trouble. Our company commanders push us to our limits all the time. We can either meet their requirements or suffer in one way or another.


Things we enjoy the most:

Handling our piece. (Rubber M16)

Divine hours. (5 hours on Sunday we get to ourselves)


Slowly but surely I think we’re realizing that they don’t treat us like crap exactly. We’re just getting disciplined so much so that it’s exactly how one would describe it. Arriving here last week was bad no doubt about that. We are familiarizing ourselves with total strangers. Becoming friends in a very aggressive environment. Adjusting to that definitely takes time. But we’re glad we can see friends becoming real even after this. I’ll finish the summary here, I’m over my time, good night.



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