Hotel 191 Recruit Journal Week 04


Hotel 191 Recruit Journal

Formed: May 5, 2015

Graduates: June 26, 2015


H-191 Week 04 Summary


A lot has happened this week. We took our physical fitness test, midterm exam, put our “Dream Sheets” in, and received an introduction to week 05 expectations. We will start standing watch in Sexton Hall now. This is where the newest recruits get dropped off to process before getting picked up by their Company Commanders. Cameras will monitor every inch of movement we do. With our Company Commanders, there is a risk of sweat and to physically feel like utter crap. But, as we move forward with training there is a higher risk of reversion by the Section Commanders.

With more weeks of training down comes more required knowledge. Not to mention Petty Officer Casey has us doing marching movements with our pieces that no other company will be doing. He said “No other company will do the things you are about to learn.” Some of us still need to pass the physical fitness test. Petty Officer Casey is pushing us hard for it. Not yelling angrily or threatening us, but motivating us. We really don’t want to get rephased. Reversion or rephasal is probably one of the worst things that could happen here. We would be sent back in training to a different company and not only have to adjust to our new environment, but also repeat any suffering that we’ve already endured. Some of us have high priority personal things waiting for us back home so being reverted or rephased would not be good

We are definitely seeing our Company Commanders a bit differently now. There’s more motivation out of all of them. They don’t want to see us screw up. As the Company Historian I can say (which I wasn’t planning on saying because they can read this and maybe use it against me later but oh well…) Petty Officer Casey reminds me of my main martial arts instructor from back home. He’s short, loud, very intimidating, and ALWAYS business. Petty Officer Kesterson is tall, well built, has a brilliant sense of humor (according to the whole company), and definitely strict. Not saying he’s the only strict one, they ALL are. And our Lead Company Commander, Petty Officer Zammiello wants us to get our crap straight and do everything as it should be. As long as we move fast, sound off, and be on time she is happy with us. Oh, and we of course cannot “embarrass” her by doing the wrong thing. We want to make her look good. We are her company. The more we are around them, get yelled at by them, or sweat painfully for them, the more they start to grow on us. I hope I don’t get in trouble later for writing what the company believes but I guess there’s no turning back now.



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