Hotel 191 Recruit Journal Week 05


Hotel 191 Recruit Journal

Formed: May 5, 2015

Graduates: June 26, 2015



Hotel-191 Week 05 Summary


A lot has happened. A lot happens every week but this week means more. This next coming week is going to feel like pass or fail. We survived week 05. We did well. We got our orders and Saturday we all had a 05 minute phone call home to tell our families and / or loved ones about it. For some of us, that phone call was the first time we’ve had contact with families or loved ones in a long time. We definitely feel like a company now. Even though it can be a real pain, we are doing well. We belong here. As far as we are aware, we make little to no mistakes. We just can’t afford to at this point, a simple hair out of line could be “fatal.” We’ve made it so far. We definitely can do it. We have coffee now so ANYTHING is possible (says the company).

We also had a chat with our company mentor Captain Johnston. He told us a bit of information about our orders, what he knew, and what we should expect. He also told us our Company Commanders would have a surprise for us this coming Thursday. Some of us think its pugil stick bouts, which would be great, but we are not sure. There’s nothing we can do to find out so we will have to be on our best behavior, be patient, and wait until Thursday. He laughed and left after telling us that. It was almost like a teaser as to what’s coming in the last 02-03 weeks. Being more than halfway done with recruit training feels amazing. We are treated less like children now and don’t need our hands held anymore. We take the initiative in everything we can…or at least try to. This has changed us for the rest of our lives. No more seagulls circling overhead ready to prey on weak recruits. We are here, we are alive, and we are ready!

As the company historian, I personally owe Petty Officer Casey, Petty Officer Kesterson, and Petty Officer Zammiello a serious thank you for pushing me through my 1.5 mile run so I could pass and not have to be rephased back a week of training. I will always remember that, even after we all graduate as Hotel-191. Sunday is going to be our first 03 mile off base company run. We get to run through the city of Cape May and sing cadence. We are very excited!

I hope our Company Commanders are proud of us. We’ve definitely made plenty of progress. As long as we keep our noses clean we will be ok. I leave this summary with some of the crazy jokes that made us laugh (on the inside of course, definitely not the outside unless we wanted to sweat for it!).

*Gary the long string

*Fear of a butterfly

*”Oh my God, they killed Kenney!”


*”You look like you were attacked by an army of dust bunnies.”



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