Mike 191 Recruit Journal Week 06

International Maritime Signal Flag Mike

Mike 191 Recruit Journal

Formed: June 23, 2015

Graduates: August 14, 2015



Week 06 Historian Summary


This week has been a very busy week for Mike-191, from firefighting to pugil sticks . It has been rewarding to be able to call ourselves a week 06 senior company . Though we did get a lovely wake up call this morning from our CCs.

Up dressed and ready to perform , dark and early. We began our first search and rescue mission. Split in two sectors and many different units we managed to find four of the five missing people. The mission had to come to a close because we did not find the last person in a certain amount of time. The mission was not a complete failure , we learned many skills during the evolution. Such as, how not to waist resourses, how to chart a search area and also , how to allow certain vessels the allotted time to recover.

Later on , Mike Company finally got to see their new home , the open water, and we got to feel the waves under our feet . The experience was life changing. Many of us getting to see the assets we will soon be aboard. Learning about the vessels, sleeping quarters and what it is like when in port has helped many recruits with nervousness of it all.

Mike company is now the most senior company on the regiment. We walk the walk and march the march and we scream the scream. We are the example company, not only are we following the paths of many other recruit companies but mike company as a whole is setting the new standards. We are performing at a higher level everyday, always learning and adapting.

We are setting a new president for the following companies ,we are forging a new path and we are guiding the way . 02 more weeks until our next hug , which is likely to be very confusing for most of us.

Im sure you noticed your recruits already sound different, using different vocabulary and speaking in a different way.(meaning more confidence not the fact that we all sound sick).

At a close ,week 06 has been my favorite week of training yet. It was also the most challenging, some of us not being qualified for liberty until hours before liberty this morning and some of us not able to gain liberty at all.

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