Oscar 191 Recruit Journal Week 07

International Maritime Signal Flag Oscar

Oscar 191 Recruit Journal

Formed: July 14, 2015

Graduates: September 4, 2015


29, Aug.15 Saturday

Weekending Review

WOW! This week has been a looong one! We’ve biked, Ran, pushed, pulled and done enough paper work to make any Yeoman want to cry. It has also been the most catty whampus week, as far as scheduling goes. There were days when Oscar Looked like lost children in the park however we still pulled it off as we always seem to do. We were also de-briefed by all of our company commanders towards the end of this week. Oscar truly got to see the “human” side of our commanders. It felt so strange but it enlightened us and made us better while giving us a whole new respect for our leaders. We all waited patiently this week for one specific commander to De-Brief us. Well as life always seems to do, it saved the best for last. We all sat and found it appalling to see him smile and laugh with us. We also had many compliments to offer him as we all reminded him how we were ultimately better people because of the lessons he taught us. It’s funny if you were to take a poll about your teachers back in grade school most would admit that the teachers that seemed “cool” or funny in the beginning of the year often ended up being your least favorite at the end of the year. Now what about that one you loathed? Did they not teach you more in the long run? Did you ultimately feel more comfortable approaching them in times of need? Funny how that works out sometimes… Well that’s what a commander is like in a nutshell. Just add more life lessons and a higher volume level of course! With all the debriefing Oscar had a unique opportunity this week and we seized it. A backstage pass to find out how we really did. The results were most gratifying indeed. Oscar found that we were far better off than we ever thought we were the whole time!! Now week 8 lingers in the forefront of our hungry grip. As we all begin to individualize and worry about our future plans were reminded by one recruits family member who wrote to us saying this; “I know you will all be busy this week but remember one thing, don’t lose sight of the bonds you have all made with each other, this is the last time Oscar will be together as a company. Cherish it.” They also proceeded to write and told us to not forget “the little things in life” Well Oscar would be a fool to overlook a Cape May sunset or the goose bumps you get when chief starts in on that first cadence on a company run, or the look in a child’s face as they look waaay up at you and stare in awe as you pass by in uniform and hi five them with a proud smile in return. You see; you could ask your recruit his or her little things that made it good and they may for a fleeting moment hesitate as if there were none. Ask again. They will surely have something. We have all shared those little things moments amongst each other and learned the true definition of “to each, his own” and that’s what makes it great! That’s what makes US Oscar and we must cling to those moments like a child to their dad as the week 8 bell tolls for it graduates.

Coast Guard Recruit Company Oscar 191 Graduation Program

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