Sierra 191 Recruit Journal Week 03

International Maritime Signal Flag Sierra

Sierra 191 Recruit Journal

Formed: August 11, 2015

Graduates: October 2, 2015




The hard harsh week finally ends with peace as Sierra-191 relaxes during divine hours from 0800-1300, and sets their minds at ease. From shining our boots that somehow still look like hammered dog crap to ironing and maintaining our Coast Guard uniforms. It was nice to get some time to solidify our racks in accordance with the “Recruit Rules & Regulations” manual. Every article of clothing has a place and if our Company Commanders find one discrepancy, it’s back outside for Sierra, pushing the Earth. Sierra’s favorite part about Sunday’s divine hours is having personal time to write our loved ones. By the time lunch chow was over, so was divine hours. After getting ready in our personal fitness gear, we went to the track with Petty Officer Allen and Petty Officer Grote. They ran the whole company’s dang legs off. We were so tired of running, it was unbelievable but we gave it 110 percent and didn’t quit because we are Semper Paratus!




Sierra-191 started the day off pretty well until some shipmates decided to start smokin’ and jokin’ again. Everyone got too comfortable from all the classes we had earlier today and some thought it would be alright to lean back and kick their feet up, so to speak. It’s one thing to screw up when no one is looking, it’s another when you are being watched and see all military bearing fire right out the port hole like a canon. Sierra is getting I.T.’d for things that we could easily fix. Pretty soon we might be dropping some shipmates if they can’t get their heads out of the sand. We really need to start finding the difference between civilian life and being a hero in the Coast Guard. Hard work is where it’s at, which is going to make this company great! Whether it’s running track with Petty Officer Hardy, bike workouts with Senior Chief Ashley, or doing Manual of Arms with Petty Office Allen, either way we will always strive to the best company on the regiment.





Today was harsh… Sierra had class all day but it seemed to be a good start. We looked like a 06 company, so we thought. Then we started messing up royally. Are we ever going to have the big day where we get squared away and become a family like Senior Chief Ashley has been talking about? It seems like no day will ever be perfect as some of our shipmates exclaim and complain in the heads on how we’re always going to mess up. Yes we all know we’re human and all humans mess up every once in a while. The lesson that our Company Commanders are teaching us is that when you do mess up, own your mistake and move on while keeping your military bearing. That lesson is a hard pill to swallow. Some of our shipmates want to make faces or roll their eyes when they make a mistake. That is fastest way to take a ride on the pain train! Sierra-191 is going to need some more work.







We came close but no cigar today. Sierra-191 was on their way to having a perfect day but as Article 06 states in the Code of Conduct, Sierra needs to trust in their God and the United States of America and trust that our Company Commander’s are going to lead us all in the right direction. Petty Officer Grote’s motivational speeches make us feel like Sierra-191 is the best damn company on this regiment because we already own James Hall. The famous Coast Guard historian Joshua James, saved over 540 lives. Learning that today was huge inspiration and motivated the entire company. Sierra-191 is finally starting to push and get angry at other shipmates. We either need to start working together our separate ourselves from the shipmates that continually mess up because they would rather talk instead of train. We make the effort and take two steps forward and then some trip, falling on our rear ends, setting us all one giant step back! The sooner we all figure out how to work together and realize we’re here strictly for business, the sooner we can become the perfect company. For now, finding discipline and realizing what our true duty to the Coast Guard and ourselves is our main priority.




It’s about dang time! Mission complete for Sierra-191. We all started our day with life cycles bright and early, nothing like blowing our legs out first thing in the morning. We literally just went through the same pain last night right before TAPS. Either way we all got motivated and kicked some butt. We are starting to realize shipmates are getting singled out while the other shipmates continue to train. Lately, counseling statements have been getting dished out left and right to recruits that are not satisfying our Company Commanders. We’re not too sure if it was coincidence or not, but this was during our Code of Conduct class. You have to be real self centered and oblivious to do some Michael Jackson dancing in front of the gym to earn these record of counseling forms. It’s just like what Senior Chief Ashley said, those mistakes will make you stand out and then you’ll get picked off like sheep by wolves and guess who the wolves are….




Sierra-191 had a pretty decent day besides an imposter Company Commander hijacking the company and marching us away like cattle on a farm ranch. Our Company Commanders were testing us and we failed miserable. We are not suppose to march with any other Company Commander not in our Chain of Command unless authorized. We should’ve known better. Our Company now has a RECON team that “borrow” items we need from other companies. Hahaha, now Romeo-191 won’t meet their time objectives because they don’t have their bulkhead clock. Sierra-191 is now kicking some butt and moving up the food chain on the regiment. Speaking of kicking butt, Sierra’s Section Commander, Chief Storekeeper Arseneaux, decided to stop by and give a rack inspection in our squad bays. Now, we may be able to perform our duty and complete missions, but when it comes to cleanliness, we are HUGE slobs. Like Petty Officer Allen says, “We know we need to do the right thing but still at the point to not care.” With that said, quite a few shipmates were rewarded a golden ticket to the happiest place on Earth…R.A.M.P. That stands for “Recruit Aptitude Motivational Program”. Shipmates were sweating bullets when they realized what just got handed to them. Everyone imagined bleeding ear drums, exploding guts, and blood shot eyes. There were a lot of sad faces in the squad bays tonight but Sierra came back with their head held high. Nothing will keep us from moving forward, not even R.A.M.P.!




Today was a “knotty” day for Sierra. We spent the entire time in our Seamanship class learning how to tie knots and what life will be like on a Coast Guard cutter. Just another learning step on becoming a great sailor. Our company also got to steer a Coast Guard cutter in the simulator which was awesome! Most of Sierra passed the simulator but a few failed and may God bless the crew of the ship if they ever get behind another helm again. “MAN OVERBOAD” will be shouted a lot! We couldn’t wait to get out of Seamanship and continue some more training but if only we knew what surprise was waiting for us topside in James Hall, we would have stayed in Seamanship class all day. Our Company Commanders decided to leave us a wonderful present in our squad bays. It looked like a F5 tornado went through and there was trash and dirty laundry everywhere. I guess we were getting taught a lesson for not keeping out squad bays clean. Lesson learned!


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