Quebec 191 Recruit Journal Week 06

International Maritime Signal Flag Quebec

Quebec 191 Recruit Journal

Formed: July 28, 2015

Graduates: September 18, 2015
Week 06 Summary

…Darn!, what happened to this week? Not only us but our families too. Luckily, after today we could find that out. That’s right, we got plenty of time to call you guys back home and get the details on how you all were doing, and we have to say it was the best feeling ever to catch up and to hear your voices. Now if you don’t believe us try this experiment go without your phone for six weeks, turn it on, you will feel like that old guy we all made fun of that was staring at the Iphone thinking “ what kind of crazy remote control is this?!” seriously! As soon as the phones came on the brightly lit screens had us dumbfounded. Thankfully our generation is so tech savvy. The moment our thumbs hit the screen it was just muscle memory from there. Other than getting our phones for on base liberty we had our fill of crap food and anything else we craved so we’ll definitely regret that soon but now we gotta get our heads back in the game as for this past week that seemed to just blow by we have done the following: learned the basics of firefighting, made travel plans to our first unit, received our military id’s, ran a 5k charity run, and marched in graduation as well as touring the boats in port here at Station Cape May so this week was eventful to say the least we’re armed and ready for the 2 weeks ahead.



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