Sierra 191 Recruit Journal Week 04

International Maritime Signal Flag Sierra

Sierra 191 Recruit Journal

Formed: August 11, 2015

Graduates: October 2, 2015



As usual Sunday divine hours are Sierra’s peace time. Even after divine the day was not too bad. However, afterwards we ran at the track. It is clear that some of us are eating too many peanut butter and jelly sandwiches at the galley. We have a physical fitness test coming up in a few days and by the way things look some of us could fail if we don’t watch ourselves. No one wants to go the physical fitness enhancement because PFE plus watches equals even more loss sleep. We are already sleep deprived and look like the walking dead at times. We should have come to boot camp prepared so it’s up to us to work hard and pass. The Coast Guard’s Motto is Semper Paratus “Always Ready”. I hope we are ready!


Today Sierra 191 Split into two sections port and starboard. It was like two married people getting a divorce. Port side went to a firearms class all day and learned some really cool stuff about shooting a weapon. We learned almost everything there is to know about handling the SIG P229R. We also got a taste of firing a pistol on a simulator; some people thought they could go in there like some gangster and hit dead center mass. Starboard side learned everything about the colors ceremony, POW flag our national ensign. It may not seem like much by putting up a flag with some rope, but it’s definitely and honor to even touch those flags knowing what they stand for and having front row seats watching them go up. It was truly inspiring to be a Coast Guardsman today. Though we had a couple of bumps in the road we still stand strong even being divided.


Nothing different happened today class wise. Port side and starboard side of Sierra just completely switched schedules so we are caught up with our firearms and ready for live fire. We all know the proper way to put up colors, so come next week our colors team will have the honor of putting them up in the morning and down at sunset. The more interesting part of our day was when Senior Chief Ashley challenged Quebec so we can kick their butts. They are a good company we must admit, even Senior Chief Ashley says so, but we are even better. Our challenge was one big sweat session doing various circuits. There was a lot of smack talking going back and forth, but in the midst we still motivated each other because they are still our shipmates, our brothers and sisters. We all work hard to get to where we are and all go through the same stuff. The only way to push through anything is with your team. Sierra is catching up, everyone else better move because this train is coming.


Today was a big day for Sierra. The company had the PF assessment and some still struggled through it. Yes that crap was hard for some of our fellow shipmates. They are going to pay now for sand bagging on I.T. days. Petty Officer Grote told them not to be sand baggers so now they’re going to pay for sure. Some shipmates now have PFE and that is going to be rough on them next week. On a bad note we lost 02 of our shipmates to reversion today. It was hard to see them go but they showed disrespect towards our CC’s. Yes our CC’s are hard on us, but they are some of the realest people some have ever met. They know whose trying and who is not. They see everything and I mean everything. Hell yeah they are hard on us and it’s supposed to be hard but they are teaching us how to be Coast Guardsman, a path we all chose to go down. Shipmates should be thankful and blessed for what they are teaching us and it’s a lot. They should not be acting stupid and being disrespectful.


Shipmates of Sierra 191 dwelled on the fact that we were able to put in our wish lists for units today. Now we know what Petty Officer Hardy has been talking about. Our destinations depend on what our future has in store for us. Who knows where we will be years from now. Some of us might one day be getting to scream at recruits that make stupid decisions like FS1 Hardy gets too. Who wouldn’t want to have a badass job like that where you get to get up in the morning dress for success in one of the greatest uniforms known to man. For now thou, all we can do is just wish for what we want, like little kids making wishes on dandelions. Accurately a lot of us are more like Jenny praying “Dear God, make me a bird, so I can fly far, far far away” We are just going to go where we are going to go and make the best of it. Speaking of birds, we all finally got to do some live fire with the SIG P229R and rounds were being scattered everywhere but on the targets. The rounds were fleeing everywhere and the target looked like the bird poop that’s scattered all over the exchange parking lot. Now some people qualified and they will receive a nice ribbon for it. Those who can’t shoot will eventually get another chance to redeem themselves along with tons of practice but that’s not happening until we graduate and go to our units. Our Company Commanders don’t have time for that, they only have eight weeks not eight decades. We aren’t’ perfect but we will get there eventually, Sierra wont’ take anything less than pure perfection.


Today was one hell of a day. Sierra was full of motivations and stress. We basically started our day with our mid-term. Stress kicked in quickly and sweat bullets were being fired everywhere. Luckily it was an open book test so we all did decently well, we were a bit time crunched but passed it with flying colors. Knob day was today also, so all the males got their heads shaved again, lots of goofy bald heads hanging around. All the other Companys know when Sierra is coming through; all these pale heads are reflecting sun light. We took hold of the reigns today at the 5K run, but the hard work paid off because that pizza, cookies and soda were on point. Sierra 191 is slowly getting to where we need to be and we are starting to come together as a team finally.


Today has been all about tomorrow. Sierra spent the whole day preparing themselves for rack inspections and manual arms with Petty Officer Grote as our MOA instructor. Today is the day we make it perfect. Petty Officer Grote got us all pumped and ready with his enthusiasm and motivation, not to mention his robot dance breakdown. You best believe Sierra Company became robot terminators ready to obliterate Romeo with our mad manual of arm skills; Sooner or later all good things must come to an end. He must have thought we were marching like trash because he ran our butts right into the dumpsters. We plowed through that like a boss. As of right now we are in the eyes of the storm. Tomorrow is when the crap hits the fan but just like all storms, we’re either going to stand strong or rebuild in unison. WE know all about unison, MOA got us prepared for that. So either we are going to weather this storm or it’s going to rip us to shreds. Our racks better on point.

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