Victor 191 Recruit Journal Week 02

International Maritime Signal Flag Victor

International Maritime Signal Flag Victor


Victor 191 Recruit Journal

Formed: August 25, 2015

Graduates: October 16, 2015



Week 02 Historian Summary


It all began that day, that changed our lives of meeting our Company Commanders. We had all thought that the first days of medical and getting yelled at had been bad. That morning we had taken our physical fitness test which was a triumph for some and a loss for others. We then all waited in a small classroom in Sexton Hall. With all these voices we heard behind us, we got anxious, yet had no idea the beast we were going to uncover.

The first impression of the Company Commanders was a very intimidating one. They swiftly and confidently swore an oath to train us while peeking out under their hats. At this moment the fire started burning. We all quickly left Sexton hall to begin our journey.

The next couple days seemed to last months. We did numerous PT sessions and were entering the part of us beginning to become sleep deprived. We were not even safe at the Galley to relax and eat. We were not used to this culture shock that had begun to overcome us. We begin to break down to slowly transform into Coast Guardsman.

Some people had already received light duty belts within the first few days. We never realized how heavy a full canteen and a Coast Guardsman manual could feel until these first few days.

The first divine hours were quite nice because we had a chance to write those that care, though it had only been a week. This gave us another chance to finally attempt to square away our racks in James Hall. It felt so good to have something accomplished, only to have it ripped up an hour later. Our stuff was thrown everywhere. This Second week was really tough because we are learning the new ways that we can work together to accomplish the time objectives we have. We are not loud as one group yet, which makes us to do more work than we need to.

As if incentive training was not enough with our Company Commanders we have to go to the gym and workout on top of that. We started with a normal gym trial circuit with everyone in Victor and Uniform (UNITOR) Company . We got all squared away with that and then the next day we did a core strength workout. The last workout we did was a cycling workout.

Friday finally rolled around and it was a great day for all of us. We were finally getting to swim in the pool to take our test. Most of us passed, and the ones that didn’t have to go to remedial swim early in the morning. Another good thing from this week was the issue of our ‘pieces”. These were just new toys for torture for our physical endeavor on a daily basis. Whether it be sitting in sniper position or doing numerous number amount of squats with them. We actually started to learn some manual of arms movements, from bringing it from port arms to order arms and going from left shoulder arms to right shoulder arms.

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