Quebec 191 Recruit Journal Week 07

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Quebec 191 Recruit Journal

Formed: July 28, 2015

Graduates: September 18, 2015


Week 07

End of week summary/ Day 06


What a week! To kick start the week, we get our first class taught by our own Lead Company Commander Petty Officer Casey. The legendary BM1 Casey himself. It’s like being in the presence of Loki, the god of mischief. If Loki’s specialty was stomping on every other company on this regiment. But for real the guy is so multitalented it’s ridiculous. How can you contain the intensity of Jason Statham and the comedic genius of Kevin Hart at the same time? Crazy, right? Then we get a nice crash course on first aid and CPR. So now we know what to do in the event of an emergency around bodies of water to help revive people. Tuesday it was about time we got our webbed toes back into the pool after the roof construction. Learning our line handling skills was extra exciting. Just knowing that what we’re doing, this hands on training will be one of the more important aspects of our jobs out on the fleet. The rest of the week felt awesome to us because for once we really feel like we’re getting somewhere. Making travel plans and finalizing details, studying as hard as we can and passing the final exam! (That’s right; those who failed at first are still with us.) Meaning, everyone in QueBec-191 got to enjoy off base liberty. From 0945-2100 and it honestly only felt like two hours. Now all we have to look forward to are the final debriefings with our Company Commanders, company photos, and graduating and leaving here with our families.

On to the last week!

Coast Guard Recruit Company Quebec 191 Graduation Program

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