Victor 191 Recruit Journal Week 03

International Maritime Signal Flag Victor

International Maritime Signal Flag Victor



Victor 191 Recruit Journal

Formed: August 25, 2015

Graduates: October 16, 2015



Week 03 Historian Summary


Week 03 is complete. To sum up week 03, the best words are RAMP, Probation and seamanship. EM1 Placencia let us meet the kraken and we are still getting to know this ‘line’. Another new friend paid a visit this week. He’s best known as TONY TORNADO. This tornado is nothing short of the tornadoes I have come to know from living in Oklahoma. This one destroyed the whole PLUR of our building. Anything in its way was destroyed, stacked or stuck to the wall. The clean up crews continued to manage and mop up the destruction. Sunday morning started off like any other day ….”FIRE FIRE FIRE”!!! as the recruits still try to wake up, they cannot seem to muster the vocals to meet BM2 Catlin’s standard. We finally make it through morning chow. On our way back, with a full belly and pleasant thoughts of the arrival of divine hours we see HIM!! Who you might ask? It’s the man from Freddie Kruger’s nightmares, BM2 Loeffler. With just a few minutes left, we know it only takes seconds to feel the pain BM2 Loeffler brings to the table. Luckily the only task assigned was cleaning the squad bays…….saved by divinity…afternoon chow we got our first real taste of what being a good company can equate for us. We had time to clean and we went for a short run, and even saw a little humor from EM1 Placencia. It didn’t take is long before we were reminded of our imperfections. Its was back to getting tangled up in the Kraken . We were back to acting like we had no military bearing. Coming back to the squad bay was like we were little kids again. Getting dressed ,undressed, dressed again and finally meeting time. Objectives measure personal time for us to keep our racks clean for that intense inspection from the chief Arsenaux. Its Going to be a big week for us.

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