Sierra 191 Recruit Journal Week 07

International Maritime Signal Flag Sierra

Sierra 191 Recruit Journal

Formed: August 11, 2015

Graduates: October 2, 2015

Sierra-191 Week 07 Summary

Another week down, not a terrible week either. It started off with learning CPR at the gym, pretty much all day, which was new for most of us and exciting to learn a new way to save someone’s life. On Tuesday we were on to more “hard work, work” as we threw heaving lines and pulled on mooring lines all afternoon at Seamanship. Although we didn’t get the Seamanship Pennant (so close!), we did have the first female to win the Seamanship Award in over 3 and a half years! When we got back to Healy, we were all nervous as we donned our Trops for our Battalion Officer inspection. Although we didn’t show the Battalion Officer what good Opera pipes Sierra-191 has, we’re sure he would have been blown away by the perfected verse of Semper Paratus we’ve been preparing to sing for graduation day. Also, this week, our Company Commanders did their de-briefs and showed us that they are in fact, contrary to popular belief, real people…who actually smile. On Thursday, we got an opportunity to speak with Master Chief Paton over a video conference call in the Ida Lewis Auditorium, ask him questions and seek out his wisdom. Friday of Week 7—the last full Friday we will ever spend in recruit training. Friday morning we took our COD/MOA test and killed it. We were all nervous but we were well prepared by our Company Commanders and have worked hard as a team to get to that point. Right after that test, was our Final Exam which we also killed. Phew! With all that out of the way, we went to play another recruit team in a Softball Tournament to benefit the Enlisted Memorial Fund which was a great morale booster and a great way to end the day. Saturday brought the moment we had all been waiting for—OFF BASE LIBERTY. We departed the base full of excitement and ready to have a chance to be on our own and see if we were up to the challenge of being military adults in a civilian world. Challenge accepted and challenge conquered! All of Sierra thoroughly enjoyed eating delicious food, talking with our families, napping in rented hotel rooms and getting a chance to laugh and tell stories with each other without it resulting in incentive training. From now on, every day in training will be the “last” of its kind. Tomorrow we commence the last Divine Hours and mentally prepare to graduate in just 5 days and a wakeup!

~Quote of the day~ The task ahead of you, is never as great as the power behind you.


Coast Guard Recruit Company Sierra 191 Graduation Program


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