Alpha 192 Recruit Journal Week 04



Alpha 192 Recruit Journal

Formed: September 22, 2015

Graduates: November 13, 2015
Well today, Sunday marked the end of week 04. ALPHA-192 is finally over the halfway point as recruits. This Morning came as a relief when we sweet voice of shipmate Rios waking us up Instead of the whistle and Bellows from our company commanders. IT was a dry run for week 05 which is known as SAR week, ALPHA had 15 minutes to get dressed, shave, do hair, make our racks perfect and be outside formed up ready to step of for chow. We didn’t quite make all the time objectives but we got close enough to actually surprise Petty Officer Kesterson, a huge plus for Alpha Company just when we needed it. After Returning from show our 05 hours of divine hour’s time began and we monotonously began work on every detail that our company commanders hold us so high to. However they do allow a certain amount of leeway so we can talk and continue to learn about all the Individual people that make up this champion company; commonly referred to as Alpha-192. After divine hours the day was pretty relaxed in contrast to previous weeks we worked a lot on Manual of Arms, Closed order Drill since we have an evaluation coming up soon. Overall not a bad end to a great week and hopefully the future stays bright for our growing company.



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