Yankee 191 Recruit Journal Week 05


Yankee 191 Recruit Journal

Formed: September 15, 2015

Graduates: November 6, 2015




Week 05 is finally coming to an end for Y-191 and this recruit can say with some confidence that the recruits of Y-191 are starting to harden up. This week can be broken down into simpler terms by comparing it to a boxing match. At first there was the build up, the “hype”. Yankee had heard scuttlebutt and stories of what to expect from the dreaded week 05 and no matter what recruits will tell you now, they were nervous, scared even. Then came the first round, the inspection. The first inspection of week 05 was a uniform inspection conducted by our section commander himself. Yankee took some solid blows but kept it together and carried on. Then came round two, dress uniforms. This built up our confidence and like a foolish rookie; Yankee got cocky and returned to our corner confident that the fight was ours for the taking. This spark of confidence was quickly stomped out by our company commanders in round three, the “beatdown”. The easiest way to describe days like this one is soaking your muscles in battery acid, having your emotions ripped in half, and being so covered in sweat that you feel as though you just finished PT at the bottom of the ocean. A brief break was given to Yankee company to recover; this was round four “check for injuries”. This was quickly followed by round five, “the rack inspection”. Several section commanders laid into Yankee company all at once, tore our lives into tiny pieces and left Yankee bleeding on the mat.


This week Yankee company made the big move to our new home in Healy hall. This move put us on the ultimate high because we are now a senior company on the regiment. We must now be on our “A” game and keep our guard up at all times because the opponent likes to take fast blows to the head the second we drop our hands. To finish off the week we again met with our company mentors and received advice that will serve us well after graduation and learned about our new units. For now Yankee is still in the fight but we know it is far from over.



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