Zulu 191 Recruit Journal Week 05


Zulu 191 Recruit Journal

Formed: September 22, 2015

Graduates: November 13, 2015


October 24th…. The Big Move.

Today was a very strange for Zulu-191. Strange indeed. Our company commanders weren’t really punishing us for our mishaps instead we were given pep talks and encouragement which slowly transitions to the calm before the storm but I’ll get into that later. Today was also filled with excitement due to the parties on base having a small festival. There were cookies, barbeque, bouncy houses, games and all sorts of awesome things we got to set up and envy at. Master Chief Berry even personally thanked us for our assistance. It’s nice to be recognized as a company; also on a side note we kind of had too due to our free schedule but that’s beside the point!

Zulu is still on track but our minor hiccups keep bouncing us back from where we need to be. To add on to our morale lesser we were ordered to clean Healy Halls Bays and Quarterdecks… A bit of a tease what we could have if we got our crap together. Following said events we mustered at our hall to our Lead Company Commander informing us how he knows we have the potential and moxy to move on. He even dropped a bomb on us and said “30 minutes, pack your stuff were going to Healy Hall, if your late were staying here”. When I tell you we went fast… Boy oh boy; we probably made forest Gump stop and say Dang. You can probably infer from that we made our objective. As of now my shipmates and I are in the senior house and we have to lead by example. The heads are bigger; bays are nicer and were on good day from earning our colors like I always say though: with reward comes responsibility. They should put that on a T-shirt… On a serious issue though we are expected to do a whole lot more… We even signed a paper that stated how harshly were being judged. So yes, we got a pretty new bay and some new toys but nothing’s changed for us. We still have standards and they have to be met. My company is Zuolu-191 and we will not let another shipmate fall behind. Oh I do have one complaint about this Hall though… The decks a bit colder (I sit on the floor while I write.).

As far as weeks go… I’ve had my heard sink to my feet more times than possible these past 07 days. Even if it seems so simple to pass our objectives the thought of reversion always floats over our heads like Mario and Boo with a turned back. It’s not without because though, Section Commanders are scary people with nerve breaking power. Think about it for a second; imagine saying “sir” instead of “Master Chief” and the punishment is staying a week longer away from family and loved ones… Its hard stuff to deal with and we try to rush it into motivation but all in all we just got to be on our game. Now one thing that’s haunting our souls is Monday… From what our Company Commander tells us: we moved to Healy Hall even though the Section Commander didn’t see us fit. We can only expect to get grilled and chewed out; I believe we can make it though… It will be a lot harder but our training prepared us for this. Well show the Section Commander, Junior Companies, and heck even the Senior Companies what were about.


Blood, sweat, tears, tight fists, straight back, loud voice, and a boat load of pride. – Zulu-191

-SR Boulanger Jr.

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