XRay 191 Recruit Journal Week 07


Coast Guard Recruit Company XRay 191 and Yankee 191 Graduation Program

XRay 191 Recruit Journal

Formed: September 15, 2015

Graduates: November 6, 2015


X-191 Week 07 Historian Summary


This week’s summary starts on Sunday of last week. During Divine Hours, our 05 hours to take a breather, square away whatever you need, talk to shipmates and write home we lost a shipmate. Percival was reverted for going to far away from his unsecured rack. We also lost Storey, one of our watch coordinators, for being late to watch. Seeing 02 of our shipmates, both good Recruits, get reverted for simple misjudgments honestly make this Company paranoid. Everyone triple checks things to avoid those same mistakes. Now even though we all suffer from the paranoia of thinking you didn’t lock your rack we had a truly fun, high performing and amazing week of training.

In Week 07 we wake up a half hour earlier than normal, so reveille is at 0500. We take muster and go to the gym for a bike or weight workout. Now getting up earlier and loosing that sleep sucks, but getting that post work out morning shower before chow makes it worth it. Now these workouts are serious too. We work and get those gains.

The first half of our week we knew our Company Commanders were starting to ease up on us. Prime example was when we were informed we one of our Company Commanders that that we only had 04 irons left in our squadbay because Alpha Company took ours and through our intel knew they had over 20. Now those irons were crappy, like they should have been on green belts the way they spilled water and leave black burnt gunk on a dress uniform. We were then nearly crapping ourselves as Chief Brost asked us if we were snooping Alpha’s squadbays, just before laughing and telling us to carry out covert ops in needed. Those hilarious moments now fill our days.

Tuesday was strange. Every person in X-Ray was either shot at, bones broken, limbs blown off or got their brains exposed. But it was just our normal morning as we took part in TRACEN’s full scale exercise. A simulated bombing of the gym compiled with an active shooter really gave the local law enforcement and fire rescue some great practice. All we had to do was hide in dark rooms or scream loudly in the gym wearing fake injuries that pumped fake blood all over the gym floor.

On the classroom side of things, we participated in awesome line handling practical on this mock up vessel outside of seamanship. A couple shipmates’ teeth were almost knocked out in the process, but X-Ray was heaving the lines this week. The wind was gusting to the point where our hard hats were difficult to keep atop our heads.

The decompressing of X-Ray-191 happened as well towards the end of this week. With debriefs from both Chiefs happening on Thursday and Friday the constant stress was declined slightly from the normal bootcamp atmosphere. We are starting the transition from Recruit mode to Non-Rate, so we don’t show up at our first unit screaming, “Chief, Seaman Crazy, I request permission to pass by!” We also have to learn how to make eye contact with humans again, since eyes have been in the boat for seven weeks straight now. For civilians keeping your eyes in the boat is when we look like we are staring into space and your pupils better not move, or you’re most likely going to sweat for it. The stories about the careers of Chief Ingram and Chief Brost showed us that there was light at the end of the tunnel and was truly a humbling experience. Of course it was funny to reminisce on some of the stuff we had to bite our lip about to not laugh earlier in training as well.

Come Friday was our final exam. The last huge hurdle of bootcamp. Except for a couple hiccups we performed well enough to earn yet another pennant for our guidon. All we’re waiting for is Gibson, our Guidon bearer, to complain it’s getting too top heavy but he’ll just have to suck it up.

But today was the coup de grace. We had liberty today; 11 hours of being off base away from the stress and pressure of bootcamp. 11 hours of stuffing our faces with junk food. Catching some naps and a movie, or both at once, was nice and popular too. We all talked to our families and our loved ones, but as Chief Ingram said it, the prior service guys did it right and got hotel rooms with their wives. Soon enough though our teeth were almost rotted and we all had food babies, the bus to go home rolled up and just like that liberty and Week 07 were over.



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