Charlie 192 Recruit Journal Week 04


Charlie 192 Recruit Journal

Formed: October 20, 2015

Graduates: December 11, 2015

Charlie – 192 Week 04 Summary

Firearms, Commitment, Physical Fitness and Mid-Term examinations. This week was a week to remember. We started off weak but ended it strong, feeling the morale build as well as our cohesion.


Charlie-192 got to participate in shooting pistols at the FAA range just Wednesday and Thursday evening. By the looks of our results, we proved to be one of the best shooting company the Coast Guardsman at the armory has seen in quite a while. Our first group, Portside, ended the night with 23 qualified shooters, 10 of them shooting sharpshooter. Starboard side did not do as well but still was incredible enough to put us in the top out of all companies who have shot at the firing range. An amazing achievement on our part.


Before we were given the opportunity to shoot, we took a class on commitment. Commitment is a powerful concept, and one we must all embrace and remember. It is part of why we are here. Devotion to duty is one of our core values and an important one at that. If we are not committed to our jobs as recruits and later on as Coast Guardsman, we do not deserve to be here. Our lack of motivation and the unwillingness to give it our all gives that unsatisfactory impression. As terrible as it sounds things may look up as more of our shipmates are falling behind are reverted; however, if we could all just find that willingness and motivation, Charlie-192 would not shrink to half its size. As one of my shipmates said we have to “Be fast, Be loud, Be Proud!”


Unfortunately, Charlie-192 had major short falls in performance and behavior this week making dumb mistakes that we should not be making at this point in training. As SC Pace stated, if you are not going to be committed then he would sick the dogs on us. Those dogs are our Assistant Company Commanders, Chief Samuels, YN1 Tilton, MK1 Coleman and DC2 Martinez who all gave us a day we will not soon forget and reminded us that we need to stay locked on at all times or else.


Week 05, we must live the quote “Be fast, Be loud, Be Proud!” more than anything right now. Survival of the fittest is truly the theme of the week. Time objectives must be met and a single thread on your uniform or a single unshaven hair on your face could possibly send you back another week. We hope the week flies by, pray for all the help we can get, but the reality of it is we need to step it up. Show our Company Commanders that we are the company to walk the regiment and own it. We will overcome week 05.

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