Echo 192 Recruit Journal Week 04


Echo 192 Recruit Journal

Formed: October 27, 2015

Graduates: December 18, 2015


Week 04


So this week was like the housing stock market. In the beginning everything was great and all were happy, well we’re not getting yelled at so much, so that’s as close to happy as we get. We can’t legitimately get happy. Happiness gives a high probability for smiling, which is a one way ticket to RAMP. Anyways, all was decent in the beginning, Then we all must have gotten our water switched out with stupid, lazy, I don’t care juice, because holy smokes have we been getting our butts beat, it has even gotten to the point where one of our assistant company commanders have given up punishing us, Just plain and simple “forget it guys you clearly aren’t getting stuff together anytime soon today. Get out of my site”. I can’t tell which is worse. Getting punished or not even getting punished because we’re not worth their time. We got a mini morale boost with the filling out of our dream sheets on Thursday along with going to the shooting range. Our lead company commander told us all to pick cutters for our first assignment. After we filled them out, he came to us and asked who chose to go afloat. We were marching and I didn’t see because I’m in front, but the number of raised hands for cutters was not enough to shaking his head. He asked who chose ashore and once he surveyed how many hands there were he replied back, “I hope you all get stationed on a cutter anyways”. Before we left the shooting range for our qualification our lead cc was very clear about how we were to conduct ourselves while there. Especially, since we would be using real weapons and ammo. We were not about to mess that up. While we were on the bus some of us studied, some talked or slept. Heck some even just stared out the window because it was our first taste of freedom in 04 weeks. Once we got to the range we shot the “P229 DAK the magazine holds 12 rounds. It fires .40 caliber rounds.” Sorry guys required knowledge that just comes out naturally. All was well until someone thought it would be a good idea to commit a safety violation. That guy got reverted! This week is only going to get harder, and we have to work harder to be on our game. Mini side note before I go, that all of you who have been writing to us it means the world to us.

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