Charlie 192 Recruit Journal Week 07


Charlie 192 Recruit Journal

Formed: October 20, 2015

Graduates: December 11, 2015

Coast Guard Recruit Company Charlie 192 Graduation Program

Week 07 will always be among of the most memorable weeks of recruit training. This is the time we’ve finally settled into the regiment, dusted away all that we had left from being sculpted and squared away, and paved our path officially as we continue our journey as coast guardsman. A few major events have occurred this week. One being the retirement and position filled of the admirable Battalion Commander, Master Chief Berry. Charlie-192 was given the incredible opportunity to witness the ceremony and we are proud to say our very own Lead Company Commander, Senior Chief Pace, now takes Master Chief’s place. His speech, as well as Master Chief’s were incredible. Even one of our shipmates, Seaman Recruit Vietinghoff read “The Watch”, and for as well spoken and squared away, therefore added to the pride of our company. The pride only grew stronger when we showed our Section Commander Chief Duncan what we were really made of in our Manual of Arms and Close Order Drill Test. It was insane. Pieces were falling apart and bolts weren’t being released…but we played it all off like it was nothing. Not only did we kill it in Manual of Arms, we stood tall and proud as we finished Close Order Drill. We scored a 10/10 on Manual of Arm and a 9.5/10 on Close Order Drill. We went above and beyond Chief Duncan’s expectations and in return we received a pennant. Speaking of pennants we received two others. Those other two were from getting the maximum score average on seamanship and final scores. We are just owning this week. To finish it off we spent some well-deserved off base liberty. We mostly stuffed our faces with junk food, slept at hotels, relaxed, and saw some good movies… We did it all, all while looking spiffy in our Bravos. This week was one of our best so far. GOD knows how excited we are to experience week 08. We’re coming through, stronger, better, faster. We are mighty Charlie Company.



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