Foxtrot 192 Recruit Journal Week 05

International Maritime Signal Flag Foxtrot

Foxtrot 192 Recruit Journal

Formed: November 17, 2015

Graduates: January 8, 2016


Summary for homeless foxtrot. Week five brought about an interest ring series of events. Foxtrot was squared away and good to go in the beginning of the cycle. We were gaining the much sought after trust of our company commanders. We were gaining a little more free time to ourselves and extra time to work on our racks. Our company commanders were legitimately trying to help. We wasted it all. We got a taste of what it would feel and be like to the senior company on the regiment. With our time our uniforms were together and our boots shiny.

Friday of week five rolls around and we were slated to move to Healy Hall where the senior companies get to live. Delta and Echo were graduating that day and that leaves Foxtrot alone in the building. Foxtrot had to leave their beloved Munro Hall since India was moving in. And this is where everything goes terribly wrong.

We had to pass a rack inspection by the section commanders. Thursday Foxtrot got their laundry back and it had to be “stowed” properly. We had been given more than adequate time to accomplish this. However some of Foxtrot didn’t stow their laundry at all and putting us in a bad position for a section commander visit.

At first shipmates were reverted on the spot. No questions and no cares given. After the section commanders realized how big the problem was the shipmates were un-reverted on the spot and Foxtrot was subsequently kicked out of our beloved Munro Hall. The section commanders let it known that were not fit to be a senior company. We packed all of our gear and headed to James Hall. After hearing how miserably Foxtrot failed their inspection. The section commander at James Hall didn’t want poor homeless Foxtrot either. We at the least got to drop all of our gear. Foxtrot went to the only place we may be accepted and that’s Sexton Hall. Sexton Hall is in processing. It’s limbo. Where you’re neither civilian nor recruit. Foxtrot is in total disarray at this point and trying to remain an operational and cohesive unit.

Saturday we woke up still at Sexton Hall. And still homeless. We packed all of our gear and headed to chow. After chow we marched back to James Hall. We’re not sure if it was pity or kindness, but the company commanders schooled us on all of our flaws and let actually stow our stuff in a rack. We were critiqued the entire time, but time was given again to Foxtrot. Sink or swim. We think the company commanders want to move in to Healy Hall as bad as we do.

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