India 192 Recruit Journal Week 04

International Maritime Signal Flag

India 192 Recruit Journal

Formed: December 15, 2015

Graduates: February 5, 2016

Week 04 Summary

We made it another week it appears! Things are getting more stressful and stricter, however. As a week 04 recruit, we had to retain more knowledge than what we had to in prior weeks. We had to begin learning how to say things a certain way such as the definitions for square knots and we had to begin spitting out firearm knowledge at the top of our lungs.

India-192 had a decent week, the guys and gals of this company are starting to show progress more and more each day. This week we crammed in a lot of classes, including the firearms classes at the firing range, which was a general favorite. To go on the range, we had to take a bus because it was located approximately one hour away; we used that time to quiz each other for the mid-term we had at the end of the week. At the firing range we got two tries to score a “marksman” score or better, which is pretty difficult considering the amount of people who didn’t qualify. The time we got to unload brass was very good for relaxing a lot of us, hot brass jumping out the pistol, the smell of freshly fired gun powder: It was truly great!

This week we also had to do a lot of incentive training too, unfortunately. As a company we were moving too slow and spitting out the “trash” out of our mouths too slow. During the Incentive training they added two other ways of incentive training, the plank position and another called the dead cock roach. In case you were wondering, dead cockroaches are when we sit down with our arms and legs sticking up, but our backs can’t touch the ground; it looks ridiculous but it makes sweat come out.

At the end of the week we were enabled much study time for our mid-term. Everyone was quizzing each other on course material. This of course took place right after our physical fitness assessment, which the majority of us passed; which is really great! Just as the majority of us placed passing scores, we also passed the mid-term. It consisted of fifty questions and lasted about one hour and fifteen minutes.

As week 04 closes, week 05 opens to show us how difficult this journey will be. We do not have very long left now, but it is still scary; more and more recruits are getting things like probation and RAMP (Recruit Aptitude Motivational Program). With this new week we have to pick it up, we submitted our dream sheets for our first station. If it isn’t real now it will be, especially since in week 05 we get our first orders.


SR Elliott



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