Hotel 192 Recruit Journal Week 06


Hotel 192 Recruit Journal

Formed: December 8, 2015

Graduates: January 29, 2016


16 JAN 16


The end of week 06 has concluded on a positive note. The progression of Hotel-192 is undeniable. As a whole unit we are completing objectives on time, working together and every day gaining more ground towards our goal, graduation. Individually we are getting sharper. We move with the sense of urgency that mimics that of a search and rescue response. Every drill or intensive training serves a purpose. The Coast Guard boot camp blueprints are well defined and demand from us recruits, the same as for any operational unit in the fleet, to be Semper Paratus. Always ready. Everything we have been trained in shall become instinctual and executed with muscle memory so that when lives are on the line and every second counts, no mistakes are made and we can all go home mission complete. We saw Cape May’s small boat station and got a real insight to life in the fleet. The seaman who were manning watch were not too long ago standing in our same go fasters (sneakers), doing the same training as we are now. The severity of our job here at boot camp could not have been made clearer. It reinforced all our motivation to get faster and, stronger and train harder. Each and every day there is something to be gained whether it is mentally or physically. Every workout and every intensive training must always be performed with 100 percent motivation and dedication. Tomorrow morning we will wake up, muster, dress out and be formed up ready to step off for chow in 10 minutes. The seaman today at Cape May’s small boat station when asked how long it takes for a boat crew to be ready after the search and rescue alarms goes off, they responded, 10 minutes. We have come a long way and still have a long way to go but the training is never over; in boot camp or in the fleet.



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