November 192 Recruit Journal Week 04

International Maritime Signal Flag November

November 192 Recruit Journal

Formed: February 9, 2016

Graduates: April 1, 2016


Week 04 Summary

Week Four was all over the place for November Company. We carried over a lot of recruit mistakes over into this week, which ended up costing us a lot of sweat and pain. Same names get called out, we go through the same process were they own up to it, then we hold stuff until we get the point. Eventually, later in the week we started to really come together as a Company. Some of us got the idea that arriving early for things meant nothing if your shipmates are late. We started to help each other during the day, started to communicate, and move faster. We met more and more time objectives as a whole and we never thought that we would or could. As for company process, we’ve hit some major milestones as days went on. First our company went to the range and we were all excited for that. We went in thinking we were just going for an experience, instead we passed Zulu Company in qualification percentage. They held 35 percent and we had 45 percent of our company qualify at the range along with the highest amount of high scores and one shipmate even getting an expert shooter qualified. Luckily both sides of our company that went on two separate days had the motivation to get that high pass rate. Only thing that kind of ruined it was that someone left a dirty pair of underwear in the head and our Company Commanders asked who it was that left it in there and nobody confessed so they said they would hang it in place of your November flag on our Company Guidon. Imagine November Company marching around the regiment with ribbons and a pair if unclaimed underwear. Later on in the week we took our mid terms and as a company we had an average of 90 percent, that was another confidence booster and we started to pick our heads up. We made a lot of progress since we met our Company Commanders in Week one. For the first time a lot of us though as a team. If we made a mistake, we all would get punished for it. Forces you to really think about what you do and that shortcuts don’t work here. We’re halfway through and it doesn’t get easier and the standards stay high. We just get better and strive for the standard.

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