November 192 Recruit Journal Week 06

International Maritime Signal Flag November

November 192 Recruit Journal

Formed: February 19, 2016

Graduates: April 1, 2016




Week 06 was definitely an eventful week. A week that jumped from Firefighting to talking to our units, to the best part…desserts! This week has been a series of more ups than downs finally. We were able to settle a few rivalries with our shipmates in the pugil stick arena, as our shipmates cheered and our Company Commanders refereed. Dental appointments were on the rise this week and many of the recruits in November-192 are walking around looking like chipmunks due to wisdom teeth being removed, but the ice cream on the ward was enough to balance out the pain. Our Company Commanders have told us since day 01 that only the strong will survive, this still holds true as we have lost a few of our shipmates due to physical fitness. Things are moving along quickly here and for the sake of the company we hope it stays that way.

The week had become more and more stressful as the tempo is picking up and the amount of knowledge we have to memorize multiplies daily! The stress is not just making it to graduation, many of the recruits have never moved before so arrangements of traveling to a new unit, where to live, and questions of what we will be doing are adding to the stress factor. We finally realized that the “squat position” isn’t only used as a punishment by our Company Commanders, because staying low and moving were stressed during firefighting week. We were able to don all of the firefighting equipment and our SCBA’s which was really exciting for most of us. Calling our first units was especially nerve racking as our Company Commanders were sitting within an ear shot of the phones. Our sponsors would occasionally crack jokes to ease the tension, they gave us great information about what we will be doing when we get there, and also commented on the noise from random recruits screaming in the background. They also reassured us that there will be no incentive training and a lot less yelling when we are out of boot camp, which was music to our ears.

Onto the best part of the week…I never in my life thought that I would see a grown man get so excited over being authorized to eat a cupcake! Our Company Commander also commented “What’s cake without coffee?” Wow, did that really just happen…yes…it did! Coffee, something we have long craved and desired. The Company Commanders letting us have this privilege was like letting a 9 year old have free reign in a candy store. For the past 06 weeks we have had to walk by fresh cinnamon rolls, cookies, brownies, and cake every day. This time, it is finally for us. All of this sounded too good to be true, coffee and cake??? As everything seemed, it was, weigh-in happened the next day. Instantly, the feeling of guilt and self reflection took place as we recalled the Mt. Everest replica of desserts on our tray just the day before. As weight-in time closed and we passed, we wiped the sweat off of our brows and in an odd way felt grateful for all of the incentive training sessions. As week 06 comes to a close, we become closer to that goal of reaching Friday, April 1st and graduating as proud members of November-192.


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