Papa 192 Recruit Journal Week 03

International Maritime Signal Flag Papa


Papa 192 Recruit Journal

Formed: March 1, 2016

Graduates: April 22, 2016

Week 03


Week 03 has covered a lot for PAPA-192. As we started our seamanship classes, we learned a lot of important and useful information required while on board any type of watercraft. We covered topics of addressing areas of the boat, to what actions should take place in many different scenarios. It is a class that really emphasizes the importance of awareness and quickness. We learned how to tie different knots with line and what certain lines are made of and used for. Of course, once we join the fleet a lot more knowledge on these subjects will be attained, but we are being introduced to life on board, rules, and importance.


This week PAPA-192 was given bigger responsibilities than what we are used to. For example, our Company Commanders assigned volunteer recruits to march us to and from certain locations on base. Usually it is our Company Commanders or Lead Company Commander Leading us and yelling out commands while marching. Those who volunteered had to be loud, and they did do a good job.


The main difference of Week 03 would have to be the introduction of positive reinforcement. We all walked into training with a mindset of “we will not be making the calls; we simply obey them.” Now this is true. We do have to abide by our Chain of Command, but positive reinforcement gives us the opportunity to dictate in which direction our next orders go. Every time we beat a time objective, we get to move on to learning something new. Every time we don’t meet an objective, we waste our time drilling either workouts or repetitive shouting while holding an item in front of us. None of us want to take part in the unnecessary drilling so this option motivates us that much more. When being motivated, we naturally work together as a team rather than individuals.


We are entitled to know a lot of required knowledge at this point in training. It is very stressful, but studying has to be implemented into our day. We can study during head and water breaks, which really is encouraged. With so much to memorize and such a busy schedule, it is stressful, but that is where self-discipline steps into action. We are going through the days hoping they will get easier, but that is not the case. As time goes on, we are adjusting and learning how to manage many aspects. Therefore, we aren’t as scared. We are expected to know and be capable of A LOT! So I’d say training is getting harder, but at the same time we are forced to challenge ourselves more. As we pick up on the ways of going about things, we make tons of mistakes. Making mistakes here is automatic but the ones who learn from them and let them go are the recruits who are gaining from the experience. Our third week feels like it should be our hundredth, but we are closer each day. Our company will push through for Week 04, as well, working together, listening to detail, being loud, and ready. All


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