Whiskey 192 Recruit Journal Week 04

International Maritime Signal Flag Whiskey

Whiskey 192 Recruit Journal

Formed: May 3 , 2016

Graduates: June 24, 2016







Today was a day the entire company had been long awaiting…. Weapons Training! As we marched to the armory at 0720, we could not help but feel jubilant; from 0730 through 1600 we practiced loading, unloading, field stripping, and clearing jams. We were practicing with inert ammunition, or course, least someone get their foot blown off. But still, it was most fun puting our hands on the weapon. It was rather amusing at first, watching a bunch of week 04 recruits send inert rounds flying into people’s faces from the ejection ports, but by the end of the day we looked pretty slick. At the beginning of the day we were just recruits. By the end of the day we were on par with the world’s Top Special Forces…. (Special Forces with Dummy rounds that is). We also had our pictures taken today in dress uniform. We felt pretty good about ourselves, up to the moment we had to take them off and return to the uncertain terrors of our squad bays, where Company Commanders await us. However, even worse were the bugs which are coming out in ever greater numbers. Their bites turn our skin to fire and they go after any exposed skin. It is like some Alfred Hitchcock movies, especially the one with the birds. At least our eyes are not getting gouged out. So, it has been another long day from firearms to bugs. One thing is for sure, Whiskey-192 will be seeing more of both.




Hello everyone! All are familiar with the phrase “badge of honor”. For instance, getting shot by your friend with a bow and arrow, this broken tooth is a badge of honor, and so on. Well, for Whiskey Company we got our Badges of Honor…. Our military Identifications were activated. I think we all felt rather secret agent about the whole thing. Becoming a part of the federal government has its cool aspect. We were also taught how to perform morning and evening colors, which Whiskey will be completing as early as the end of this week. Our Lead Company Commander selected me to shoot the cannon, which I am really Jazzed about. It’s a rather simple task but getting to make things go bang is pretty darn exciting. Moral is solid. We performed well on our squad bay inspections which puts us in the running for the battalion pennant, which a company has not received since last summer. It is still a long stretch away but we want this. Of course there were low points. Some people were put on probation. And during evening chow I dropped a tray full of food and drinks down my uniform in front of the Company Commander tables which was utterly humiliating. But hey, life goes on.




Toady was another active day for Whiskey. We had a class on all the rates in the Coast Guard as well as housing and we had our week 04 physical fitness test. But the highlight of the day was going to the firing range. In child like excitement, we took a bus to the range, in order to get to know one another better; we took turns saying what we were looking forward to the most when we get home. The real fun started when we got to the range. After eating a bagged supper, we let the lead fly. To be honest, at first, we thought we would be on par with Grant Ward from Agents of Shield but after our first go, I am not even sure we would have been able to shoot a cow in the face at point blank range. People were jumping at the noises, yanking on the trigger, and sending rounds into our targets would be private parts. In the end, only 06 of us qualified. However, even though we shot like storm troopers we ended the day in good spirits. We will see

what tomorrow brings.




Today was dream sheet day at boot camp. Whiskey Company was brought into a classroom and handed forms. On these forms we listed out top four choices for units. I think we were all having images of ourselves sunbathing on the fantail of a cutter in the Pacific. Most likely though, we will end up on buoy tenders in the heartland of the country. As our Lead Company Commander told us “They don’t call it a dream sheet for nothing.” Besides dreaming, today was pretty darn slow. Whiskey had to pull graduation support for Tango-192 which was kind of gut wrenching. Seeing those graduates drive off with their families made us feel depressed. We all miss our own families dearly. To end on a happy note, Whiskey got to shadow evening colors. I am getting rather excited about making loud noises with a cannon. I just hope I don’t break anything.




Today Whiskey-192 reached the academic midway point of boot camp. We had our midterm. Almost the entire company passed without much trouble. Being an open book test, it was a bit amusing listening to everyone frantically scramble through their manuals as they tried to find the answers to the test. Another indicator of the halfway mark was the week 04 haircut. Like sheep, we males lined up to get our heads shaved by two kind ladies. I was having flashbacks to the Wednesday of forming week, when we still had our heads stuck in the mud. We are finally practicing our manual of arms on a more regular basis. I am not sure we deserve it, being that we still look rather terrible, but we still appreciate it.




Another week gone, more body fat loss, more wisdom gained. It has been a week filled with nerves, excitement, and dread. On the negative side, the bugs tortured our bodies making our skin turn to fire. We lost several shipmates to reversion and rephasal, filling us with sadness as well as fear, knowing we too can fail. However, it would be plain stupid to dwell on the negatives. As many of you may recall, Whiskey Company was turned into a deadly force, sending hot metal down range. Most of us did not hit much, but at least our pistols were pointing the same way. The best part of the range though, was the opportunity to let off some tension. There are few better ways to do that than shooting. The Company did have some stuff to be proud of. One of our Company Commanders marched us straight through Victor Company’s ranks. Doing that to a company that is senior to us made our chest’s swell with pride. Also, the company’s average midterm score was high enough to earn another pennant for our company’s future guidon. As our lead Company Commander said “You all still suck, just not as much!” Another accomplishment was the superlative fashion in which the company half stepped and mark timed. Our Lead Company Commander said he had never seen a week 04 Company do that before. However, we totally jacked it up on the way back to the house, so we are still not worthy to take on the Marine Corps Drill team.


So, in essence, it has been a good week. We are about to enter week 05, so we have to keep our stuff together. We will just keep trudging on, one day at a time.



Editor’s Note: This blog post was written by a recruit currently involved in Coast Guard basic training. The thoughts and opinions expressed in this Journal do not necessarily reflect those of Training Center Cape May, the U.S. Coast Guard or the federal government and are the sole opinion of the author. Recruit Journals are written by personnel in a high-stress environment with little time, so please excuse grammar and punctuation in the above article. The staff at Training Center Cape May do not edit the journals in any way, so as to ensure authenticity of the content and messages.


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