Whiskey 192 Recruit Journal Week 07

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Coast Guard Recruit Company Whiskey 192 Graduation Program


Whiskey 192 Recruit Journal

Formed: May 3 , 2016

Graduates: June 24, 2016



Let me tell you all something, we are all very blessed. Even when we are soaked in sweat, or have are muscles burning, or we are feeling crushed, we have a lot. Whiskey-192 gets great food, health insurance, and an opportunity to serve our country. But today, we received another gift worthy of the kings of old….coffee. Our hearts sang within us as we drank those cups of beautiful brown liquid. Furthermore, this was the first time in training we weren’t struggling to stay awake in class. Normally, when sleep is being aggressive, you start seeing double, and keeping your head up is a titanic struggle. Today, though there were no problems, we felt life in us again.

But that’s enough about coffee, First Aids and Chest Compressions made up pretty much the whole day. We were subjected to pictures of people with severed feet, with internal organs hanging out, and with flesh burned away. This all made us feel like losing our breakfast. However, since that would have meant losing our coffee, that wasn’t an option. So, we pressed on with learning how to save lives and be bad butts.

Starting from tomorrow, we have 10 days left. The company is doing what it can to keep this cutter underway. Hopefully, we’ll end up at the pier, and not next to the Titanic.




Whiskey-192 has taken another step toward obtaining the coveted Coast Guardsman Pennant. We scored just high enough on our seamanship final to earn another pennant for our guidon. Of course, there are still several ways we can screw up our chance at the Coast Guardsman, so we are trying not to get ahead of ourselves. That is what happened to the Allies during the summer and fall of 1944. They were doing so well, they thought they could end the war by Christmas. The Allies got big heads, and the Germans made a crap-fest out of the show at the Battle of the Bulge. The point is, the moment you think you have the prize is the moment everything turns South. Furthermore, starting from tomorrow, we only have 09 days left, and we don’t want to tack anymore time on there.

Aside from scary possibilities, we found out great news. Tomorrow night, we will start having dessert. This came as a complete surprise, but a pleasant one… obviously. This is a great boost for our state of mind. Anything we can have to help us get from day to day is appreciated. As long as we can make it from day to day, we can win this war.

But until tomorrow, I will disappear.




Today brought a mixture of both happiness and suffering. As you may recall, in yesterday’s entry, I mentioned how Whiskey company was permitted to eat dessert starting today. At first, there was a great shock and disappointment when we discovered there were no desserts. But it turned out there was a slight mix up, and tragedy was averted. Cake was rolled out, and Whiskey had a feast that would have made Hobbits envious.

The bad news really started at the beginning of the day. At breakfast several people did not answer required knowledge successfully. As a result, towards the end of the day, Whiskey-192 took a time machine back to week 02. “Fire, fire, fire” was called, and we all knew we were in for treatment that would have made being drawn and quartered look like getting physical therapy. As we did squat after squat, we were hoping our recently consumed cake wouldn’t vacate their homes. However, eventually the smoking session ended. We crawled back to our squadbays, smoldering and in ruins.

Even though today turned into a crap fest, a new day will come. Let us hope we do not wake up like the idiots we were this morning.




Today, Whiskey-192 had the honor of facetiming the Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard, Master Chief Cantrell. We were led into a really fancy building, that lowly Echo-1 recruits rarely have the opportunity to enter. There we sat, waiting for the highest ranking member in the enlisted Coast Guard. We were all expecting a square-jawed, hard core, chew your butt off type of individual. Instead, a kindly man took the chair in front of us on the screen. He called us “shipmates”, and thanked us for joining the Coast Guard. After talking about his own experience in the Coast Guard, he opened up the floor for questions. At first, I wasn’t sure if anyone would have the courage to talk to a man of such high status. However, one by one, we trickled up there. I guess after the demented bugs, the incentive training, the nail biting inspections, and all the other nerve-racking things have hardened us. Master Chief Cantrell answered all of our questions with enthusiasm, and length.

With that, I should go to bed. Tomorrow is our final, as well as a couple of inspections.




As you all may recall, last night I said today could be the doom of us all. Well, thankfully, no one ended up buried in the parade field. Almost the entire company passed the final exam, and we scored a 9/10 on our Manual of Arms test, and a 10/10 on our Close Order Drill test. In other words, our butts are looking pretty bad (that is, what butts we have left after all the beatings we have received since we got here). I dare say we could take on the Marine Corps silent armed drill team. A mixture of relief surged through our ranks like crap through a goose when our Section Commander said, “Good job, and I don’t say that very often”.

Other than really big land mark events, the in between happening have been as motivating as Aragorn riding around on a horse making speeches. This was due to the marching “Jodies” Whiskey was singing. We mainly sang about Coasties saving lives and kissing babies, but we also paid our respects to Chuck Norris and his round house kicks.

The company now has 01 week left. We can see victory in front of our nostrils. In fact, it is so close that if we sneeze, it might blow away. This is why we can’t act like a rabble of Orcs. We have to be as smoldering as ever. With that, I ask you all to continue to remember us in your thoughts and prayers.





Today was a glorious day indeed for Whiskey-192. We started off by doing a 03 mile run with the Cape May community. As we ran, we certainly looked like the senior company on the regiment. Our feet struck the deck as one, and we sang “Jodies” that would have motivated the laziest couch potato to jump into the middle of the Bearing Sea to scoop overweight fishermen out of the water.

More significantly, we had our off base liberty. As we roamed the streets around various communities, we felt absolute glee. We went to various restaurants, went to the movies, ate ice cream, and kept the cell phone towers busy. Without thinking about it, we walked in step, and squared our meals. Boot camp does weird things to you. However, one of our most proud moments was when the mother of a little girl asked if her daughter could have her picture taken with us. This helped us understand more why our company commanders have been drilling military bearing into us without relent, for we will soon be the face of the Coast Guard. I think everyone can agree that a clean face without pimples is the kind of face people want to see.

Well, there it is folks. We survived another week, and what a week it has been. We’ve had our seamanship final, our Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard address, our final, our liberty, and more. Whiskey-192 is now the most senior company on the regiment. We are going to make every other company on the regiment crap themselves.




Happy Sunday families and friends of Whiskey-192. Today was a cheerful day for the company. We had an off base run, and those of us with jobs in the company got to mentor Bravo-193, which is the most recent group of epically confused Echo-1s to join Cape May. When we first arrived on their quarter deck, complete chaos was raining. As Bravo recruits ran hither and thither getting their butts kicked, we couldn’t help but have horrible flashbacks to our first weekend in the underworld. It feels nice to be so close to the end.

Furthermore, Whiskey had an interaction with our Company Commanders we never imagined would happen. As we were waiting in Main Muster after our run, our Lead Company Commander, Petty Officer Karpf walked in and ordered us to compress the squadbay. After moving the racks to the stern of the squadbay, all four of our Company Commanders came rolling in on rotating chairs. Petty Officer Karpf commenced to explain to us that we are now week 08. He also told us we no longer had to sound off to him or our other Company Commanders while we are at the house. Finally, he opened up the door for an almost normal back and forth between us and our Company Commanders. It was just as powerful a moment as watching Darth Vader’s conversion. Not that our Company Commanders were ever evil, but the contrast between what we are used to and that moment was overwhelming. We asked them about their lives, their careers, their thoughts about us, and so on. In all, today was wonderful. We ran gloriously off base and had an almost normal exchange with our leaders. All I can say is, we better not screw this up.





Editor’s Note: This blog post was written by a recruit currently involved in Coast Guard basic training. The thoughts and opinions expressed in this Journal do not necessarily reflect those of Training Center Cape May, the U.S. Coast Guard or the federal government and are the sole opinion of the author. Recruit Journals are written by personnel in a high-stress environment with little time, so please excuse grammar and punctuation in the above article. The staff at Training Center Cape May do not edit the journals in any way, so as to ensure authenticity of the content and messages.


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