Golf 193 Recruit Journal Week 07

International Maritime Signal Flag Golf

Golf 193 Recruit Journal

Formed: July 26, 2016

Graduates: September 16, 2016




The award for the longest “fire, fire, fire” session goes to Chief Bennett. I swear that was an eternity of IT we endured today. There are some companies that rarely get IT’d this late in training, and then there’s Golf-193 who pretty much asks for it. The nightly “hour of power” has been going strong for a good solid week now and has kept (some/most) recruits on their toes while it seems like others just ask for a ticket to the party. I don’t know exactly what was going on out on the quarterdeck tonight, but it sounded like death. There are already 03 names on the list for tomorrow’s party, which goes to show how easy it is to be invited…and attendance is mandatory.

Our weekends used to be for sweating since we have so much open time, but now that we don’t suck as much, we’re given free time to do whatever we need to do, which usually means at least a few shipmates are shining their shoes. I swear the chemicals from the shoe shine can linger for hours. I now understand Andy Dwyer when he mentions, “shoe shine head” as a medical condition. Maybe Golf-193 was suffering from that today, which is why we sucked at our Manual of Arms today.

I’d like to think that it’s just a temporary condition from shoe polish that made us “out of our minds” and that it’s not actually just who we are as people. Tomorrow starts week 07, which means the standard at which we will be expected to perform is even higher. I’m sure we’ll lose a couple shipmates that fail to meet that standard. It does not matter how close we are to being done, if you suck you get to fill a vacancy at our Hotel across the Parade Field.




Today was stupid. That’s the best way to accurately describe all the fun we had for literally hours tonight. We literally died all evening. If we weren’t in class, we were being assassinated. Except it’s more like self-assassination because we do it to ourselves, but today just seemed over the top. Maybe it was just a regimental thing because we saw many other companies getting beat today as well, so maybe it was just Murder Monday, I’m not sure. However, (most of us) have ONE MONDAY LEFT here, so that’s always something to look forward to.

The morning and afternoon was spent in classes of leadership and CPR and first aid. Many of us are already CPR certified, but it’s always useful to learn again and practice. Half of the class was all hands-on when we got to practice dressing injuries, using splints and tourniquets, and practicing CPR on mannequins.

Hour of power is still a huge thing here and many of my shipmates and I got the pleasure of attending. It used to be, weeks ago, company-wide hour of power every night, but now we only have to do hour of power if we don’t act like we should be in Week 07. It sucks because they’re so easy to get, but it’s totally fair. If you can’t live up to the standard set at this point, you don’t get evening routine and you get to spend that time regretting whatever you did to get you on the quarterdeck in the first place.

We now get to wake up at 0500 every morning and go do some type of workout. It’s been a good way to start the day so far, which has only been today, but still, it was nice. It was freezing outside, but that just means it’s time for autumn. I could almost smell the pumpkin spice in the breeze this morning.




Week 07 – feels like heaven. None of the hardships that we endured even matters anymore because today we earned our freaking colors! We were given them in the most perfect way tonight; I honestly don’t think there would have been a more appropriate way to receive our colors.

Right before regimental sunset, we marched to Sexton Hall – the place where it all began – and stood in formation in the grass facing Sexton Hall. We were told that we get to see the new recruits get off the bus and get to witness what we all went through 07 weeks ago. It was the perfect evening to get to stand outside in front of Sexton Hall. Seriously, I know I’ve mentioned it before, but that building just holds so much meaning (and fear) for recruits. We got to watch the beautiful sunset and reflect on our journey we’ve been through over the past 07 weeks. We got to see the bus pull up, the company commanders scare the new recruits, and everyone scatter into Sexton Hall where the real fun begins. And that’s when we saw it – our colors posted right outside Sexton Hall. How very strategic it was that we were right behind the bus so we couldn’t see beyond it for a few minutes, which is when, I’m assuming they were posted. We saw our colors and it was great. Petty Officer Karpf told us we earned it. We have endured blood, sweat (lots of that), and tears to get where we are right now. We are performing and doing Golf-193 proud. Despite the hardships we’ve experienced, today was perfect. Look out, there’s a new Golf-193 around and we’re pretty awesome.




It was a pretty uneventful day – which is just how we like it because usually “events” are not fun. We had a lot of time today for whatever we needed to do from studying (which it seems like no matter how often you study, you still don’t know absolutely everything, which is kind of a problem), uniform upkeep, squad bay cleaning, and time to contact our units. Besides the hour of power ticket winners and a couple random sweat sessions for specific shipmates, we didn’t get beat today. It’s nice being to be performing.

We truly have come so far. Watching junior companies run outside into the galley (since they were in front of us standing on the galley ramp) was like watching a handful of jumping beans on a trampoline. I know we used to be that and I’m so glad that’s no longer us.




We carried our colors with our pennants so proudly on our cadence run very early this morning. Petty Officer Karpf lead us past Captain Gibbons house and told us to be so loud he gets an email from him. I don’t know if that actually happened, but we definitely were loud and proud. We got to go to Ida Lewis Auditorium today for our MCPOCG address today, which was done via video conference call. Technology is amazing. We got to ask questions, specifically FS questions, which was super cool to have been given the opportunity to do something like that. Afterwards, while formed up outside, Petty Officer Karpf told us that he gets told how good we look marching around the regiment and how loud we are.

In just over twelve hours, we will be the senior company on the regiment; we are what literally every single other company will look up to and they will aspire to be like us (but nobody else will ever be as good as us, but it’s cute when they try). Too bad they only get a week with us as their most senior company; it’ll take them a long time to try and copy what we can do. We’re all feeling so good and so proud to be Golf-193, and for good reasons too.




The final exam and our COD/Moa test were two things the company was absolutely dreading about today…and of course we aced both. We earned a pennant for high scores on our exams and the Section Commander one for doing well on our COD/MOA test. We got to march in graduation today and it was hot, but kinda cool to participate in graduation so we can kind of know what to expect at ours. It was also a pretty sweet deal scoring so well on our evaluation today because that got us dessert! Yay sugar, that’s just what Week 07/08 recruit’s need – more things to make us crazy.

Petty Officer Howell took us to the gym tonight to get a workout in. Petty Officer Howell also led us in cadence. I have to say that his songs are very realistic and definitely have some truth to them.

We had a good amount of time today to study (definitely paid off) and to get our uniforms together for tomorrow to go on our off base liberty! Tomorrow is a huge day – getting thrown back into civilization…it’s been awhile. However we still are conducting business too. I know I’ve got to plan my road trip from IN to CA using my phone, a couple recruits are doing some travel and moving arrangements with their phones… we’re starting to see that self-discipline. I mean, we read about it enough; we should be able to implement it.

Being the senior company is pretty cool. We are literally the top and it’s so crazy to think that the next graduation will be for us.




What a glorious day for Golf-193. Not only did we get the whole day off for off base liberty, we finally got to return our pieces! That was a moment we have been dreaming of since our very first IT session with our fake pieces in Week 02.

For our off base liberty we pretty much got to do whatever we wanted out and about in the civilian world, as long as we were following the rules and regulations that we were instructed by our Company commanders. I know we represented the Coast Guard well and we made us, as a branch of the military (the best branch) proud. It was so nice to actually get to know our shipmates that we’ve spent the past 07/08 weeks with; it was the first time we really got to ever interact as shipmates and friends, and not just as recruits trying to survive basic training. It was fun to be able to look at pictures of us back in our civilian lives.

Golf-193 is going strong tonight and that will continue throughout graduation and into the fleet.


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