Romeo 193 Recruit Journal Week 05

International Maritime Signal Flag Romeo

Romeo 193 Recruit Journal

Formed: October 18, 2016

Graduates: December 9, 2016


Romeo-193 Blog Week 05


Wow, week 05 was absolutely insane. Romeo-193 is a lot lighter and 17 shipmates are no longer with us. Search and Rescue week was by far the toughest week to date for Romeo. Every morning at 0530 Romeo takes muster, gets changed into Operational Dress Uniforms, and reports to the galley at 0545. That averages out to about 07 minutes to get dressed and run down the ladderwell to form up. The most nerve racking part of this week was the unexpected visits by Chief Electronics Technician Williams. Romeo had its first personnel inspection and we got destroyed. ETC Williams was sighted in and Romeo was dead to rights. Throughout the week Chief Williams came and reigned terror upon all those in his way. “Pop your rack” was a common phrase that sent chills down our spines. Those on probation were first to go. Many shipmates were reverted instantly on the spot based on how their rack looked and overall performance thus far. It was the most nerve racking experience Romeo has had. There was no time to relax. Even in class shipmates were taken out and never seen again. Some shipmates came back to James Hall to find a probation belt on their rack courtesy of ETC Williams. Romeo-193 is a lot lighter this week and it’s shown in our performance. The company has weeded out bad shipmates and the results have only led to a better company.



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