Whiskey 193 Recruit Journal – Final Entry Week 08

International Maritime Signal Flag Whiskey

Coast Guard Recruit Company Whiskey 193 Graduation Program

“Life Of A W-193 Recruit”




Blazing lights, whistle blows, “FIRE, FIRE, FIRE”

Scramble for our go fasters, it’s down to the wire

Out into the cold, we stand, huddled as one

Listening, with baited breath, muster has begun

“01” the yeoman pierces the early morning air

“Allen I” I scream back, we make sure everybody’s there

Back inside and up the stairs, it’s time to dress

Meet the time objective or else time will be less

Someone screws up, we all know we’ll pay

Our company commanders saw it, it’ll be a long day

“YEEEEEEAHHH” Chief Heinz screams out

“I don’t know why…” Petty Officer Howell begins to shout

Back outside we rush, into the cold

It’s only 6 am and this is already old

The day is a blur between “I.T” and classes

Study for the final, hope everyone passes

Faster and Faster and Faster everyone goes

As Petty Officer Hawkins’ whistle incessantly blows

“Sniper position take” makes us sweat and feel pain

Sandbagging shipmate starts time over, takes n the blame

Thank you shipmate, thank you we all hoarsely scream

Probably wasn’t really his fault, things aren’t always what they seem

They say chow chow chow chewy bar will get you through the day

Because the days are long and the weeks are short here at Cape May

The challenges we face are taxing on the body, soul, and mind

The company commanders sometimes make you believe you’re really falling behind

Just when you start to think you actually do suck

Chief Gallego steps in to build you back up

This isn’t the Coast Guard, it’s basic, it stinks

You’re gonna make it through this, no matter what anyone thinks

Don’t give up on yourself and I won’t give up on you

Suck it up buttercup, we’ve got things to do

“Honor, Respect, Devotion to Duty,” it our battle cry

“Semper Paratus,” Always Ready, Coasties till we die


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