Quebec 194 Recruit Journal Week 07

International Maritime Signal Flag Quebec

Quebec 194 Recruit Journal

Formed: June 6, 2017

Graduates: July 28, 2017


For Quebec 194 Graduation Program:  Will be posted on Thursday


21JUL17 DAY45

Quebec woke up to practice MOA

Green belts did not because we were forbade How fine they looked in spite of all their sweat Suspense mounts into a quickened tempo We await anxiously scores from Chief Brost

The sun beat down on Quebec-194 as they stood in front of Chief Grote and Chief Brost in the reviewing stand. Shipmate Johnson stepped in front of the company to call the Close Order drill and Manual of Arms movements. Hours of training have been devoted to perfecting this performance. Pride drove the company’s desire to be outstanding, but it was also an opportunity to earn a pennant for the Quebec flag. Through the nerves and sweat dripping down their faces and tickling their temples, my shipmates stood steadfast. Through the pungent smell of bug-spray in the hot, still air, my shipmates stood steadfast. Despite the metal on the pieces burning their hands and forearms, my shipmates stood steadfast. Johnson started the Manual of Arms routine followed by Close Order Drill. The company showed unique precision and unmistakable accuracy for every movement. Nerves sped up the cadence, but they recovered gracefully into a few “front and centers” in which Chief Brost randomly selects recruits from the formation to answer required knowledge questions. (There was a teeny-tiny major mishap during this section, but I won’t mention it… *cough* Barbera *cough cough*)

The company marched back to our house to await scores from our Section Commander. They stood on line in silence so still a pin dropped could be heard across the squad bay. Finally Chief Brost and Chief Grote arrive to deliver the scores: 10 out of 10 on both tests. Chief Brost gave Haussler the purple pennant to adorn Jack (our guide-on). The company was happy for the rest of the day and slept well through the night. Even the company flag had a good night’s sleep… In a rack in the female squad bay. This isn’t just SR Skidmore using personification or a lame metaphor as a writing technique… Haussler, Baker, Sternberg, and a few other females were directed to make Jack a bed and rack card. He was literally tucked in at Taps with the spearhead on the pillow. The only downside is that we have to “secure the head” constantly. Oh whale.

<3 The Worst Seaman Recruit,

Skidmore, M.A.

P.S. Thank you Shipmate Quinones and Shipmate Wheat for the details of the MOA and COD test. (I was on “just breathing” green belt status. #invalid.)


22JUL17 DAY46

So a few days ago Shipmate Liska unlocked all sorts of goodies at the galley. She went to the Company Commanders looking to buy a cow and they sold her the whole dang farm. The “cow” is actually cranberry juice; the “farm” is ALL juices, hot chocolate, ice cream, desserts, if the galley serves it- we get it. Freakin’ sweet! But it’s not craft beer… So my 21+ shipmates and I still had something from home to miss. Like how nice would a floral IPA be with this honey glazed ham and pineapple soufflé? Some dreams can never come true… I know that, and I’m not too stubborn for compromise. Chief Grote unlocked craft beer for one day only… Hello, off-base liberty! The possibilities were endless*! (*The possibilities were fairly limited, but that’s infinitely more freedom than Q-194 has had in the past 07 weeks.)

A lot of the shipmates split into groups to get a room for the day. The hotel thing was a little pricey, but some of my shipmates found an absolute steal at $70 thanks to Shipmate Drake. ( 06 recruits in a 30 sq. ft. room without a bathroom or A/C. ) While some scored, others took risks with far fewer returns… The shipmates who fell victim to the same carnival booth in Wildwood promising a brand new iPhone 7. Shipmate Chelette lost $60 trying to toss balls into buckets for his shot at a new phone.

I made a lot of big plans to go to the beach and hit up a few places around Cape May, but as soon as my head hit the pillow, it was game over. I woke up 04 hours later with just enough time to grab dinner. #noregrets. Quebec-194 drifted back to our house like spirits being summoned back to the afterlife on Dia de Los Muertos (#puroSanAntonio). We’ll see you soon FB Moms!!!!

<3 The Worst Seaman Recruit,



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