Yankee 194 Recruit Journal Week 06

Yankee 194 Recruit Journal

Formed: Aug 8, 2017

Graduates: September 29, 2017


Day 40- Summary                                                                                      16Sep17



We finally got to take a break. Today was so chill. Chief Grote was joking and smoking with us (down to earth). Petty Officer Burrus helped us with close order drill, and we got some much needed R&R. The mental decompression was wonderful after being wound up tighter than a spring about to snap. We got our phones back and access to the outside world. We ate real food again and spent hours talking to our loved ones. It was awesome.


This week was filled with a lot of admin and personal maintenance time. Our job this week was to get ready for our transition into the fleet. We made phone calls to our unit sponsors, made travel arrangements, we checked E-mails, and did research on our new units. We even did graduation support where we stood security and ushering for Whiskey company’s graduation. However, aside from the more laid back nature of this week, our Company Commanders noticed that we were beginning to slack off and so we were thoroughly punished for it with extra Incentive Training. We quickly were reminded and corrected ourselves and now we are locked in.


The last thing we did this week before our liberty commenced, was take an operational tour of the base. We got to see the communications watch room where our Coast Guardsmen listen and log the activities of the boats and people they protect (kind of like a 911 / Star Wars dispatch center). We saw and got to go aboard the 87’ foot patrol boat and see how they navigate the seas, how they live, and the ever important missions they are used for.


As this week comes to a close, the general feeling of Yankee-194 is one of excitement and anticipation. We are all eager to get out into the fleet to prove ourselves and start our new careers. But first, we still have 02 more weeks to go. We know that these last 02 weeks will test our mental stamina and prove our metal. We’ve waded through some pretty rough seas already, so all we need to do now is bring it home!!


  • SR Bornarth G.R.


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